Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call for help?

For questions about:
Enrollment, class pre-requisites, course progression, transferring credits, etc., call Advising:
  • On campus - CHHS Dean's Office (928) 523-4331
  • Online (Extended Campuses) - 1-800-426-8315
SLPA (Speech Language Pathology Assistant) Certificate program, call (928) 523-7419
PES classes:
  • Call (928) 523-8277 
  • Email
Health Sciences Department business-related items, call (928) 523-8262

I can't complete my online enrollment in an HS course. What is the problem?

   A. It could be one of several issues:

  • Many of our classes have seats reserved for certain groups of students. Check the reserve caps for the class in which you are trying to enroll to be sure you qualify for the reserve group.
  • Many courses are reserved for students specifically accepted into one of our online-only programs. These classes will not allow enrollment of Mountain Campus students. Mountain Campus students may be considered for enrollment in HS online classes only during the week before classes start (not during early enrollment) and only based on the following criteria:
    • Capacity in the class is still available;
    • Student has a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Additionally, many HS classes are reserved for HS majors. Check with your advisor to see that you are coded to the correct major in the system.
  • Finally, you may have an advising hold or other hold on your account--i.e., unpaid parking tickets, fees due, etc. Check with your advisor or Student and Departmental Account Services.
Note: If you are currently in a class which is a prerequisite for a class in which you are trying to enroll, the system WILL allow you to complete enrollment. If you cannot complete enrollment, there is some other issue.