Health education minor

If you’re interested in supplementing your degree, consider getting a minor in health education and learn about how to keep yourself and your community healthy.


You will need to take 18-24 units of health sciences coursework to complete this minor. Required courses include:

  • any nutrition course (3 units)
  • HS 200-Healthy lifestyles (3 units)
  • HS 205-Intro to public health (3 units)
  • HS 250-Prevention concepts for risky health behaviors (3 units)
  • HS 300-Human diseases (3 units)
  • HS 305-Theories of health behaviors (3 units)

And one of the following concentration areas:

  • concentration in community health promotion (6 units)
    • HS 306-Methods for community health promotion (3 units)
    • HS 403-Planning, implementing, and evaluating health promotion programs (3 units)
  • concentration in school health education (6 units)
    • HS 402-organization of coordinated school health programs (3 units)
    • HS 415-planning and implementing school health education (3 units)