Mission statement and goals


The College of Health and Human Services is committed to furthering the health and well being of the citizens of Arizona, the University community, and society at large by preparing health professionals who are highly skilled practitioners.

The College of Health and Human Services offers undergraduate and graduate programs which advance and create new knowledge as well as promote an understanding of the physiological, psychosocial, cultural, environmental, and economic factors influencing the health status of citizens of Arizona and the American Southwest. These programs prepare students to assume and continue professional and leadership roles as health and human services providers and scientists.

Central to our mission is to provide the highest quality teaching, clinical education, and research, encouraging both students and faculty to explore and develop solutions for the various issues associated with providing quality health care and human services.

Our service mission is to encourage faculty and students to provide consultative and professional health related services at local, statewide, national and international levels; furthermore, working collaboratively with policy makers, managers, and health care providers, the School emphasizes the importance of addressing critical challenges facing the current health care delivery system within Arizona and the American Southwest, is primary to our service mission.


In keeping with the School and Institute of Medicine's (IOM) vision for academic institutions and clinical settings, the College of Health and Human Services, in concert with each of its departments and clinical programs, has developed operating principles that will allow the School and IOM's vision to be realized, and will facilitate the health professions student's mastery of IOM's core competencies. These operating principles are reflected in the following goals:

  • To be recognized as a premier teaching, research, and resource center for allied health care programs in Arizona, the American Southwest, and nationally,
  • To encourage creativity, critical thought, interdisciplinary cooperation, and teamwork among students and faculty within the School, the University, and the statewide community,
  • To be recognized nationally and internationally for graduate programs and research activities which address the health and human service needs of diverse populations,
  • To be recognized regionally and nationally as a leader in the use of distance learning and information technologies to provide training in health and human service professions to the rural and diverse populations of Arizona,
  • To be recognized as a regional and national leader in providing undergraduate, graduate, and post-professional educational opportunities for under-represented groups in the various fields of health and human services.