Criteria Assessment

Dental Hygiene Program applicant selection criteria:

Criteria Points 
Prerequisite Science Grade Point Average: One of the most critical criteria for a student's acceptance into our program. The higher the grade point average, the more points earned.0-25
Cumulative GPA: The higher the GPA the more points earned.0-15
Experience: Work or volunteer experience in the health professions is valued.0-3
Enrollment Status: Because Northern Arizona University is a state funded institution we place emphasis on in-state status. Highest preference is given to enrolled Northern Arizona University students.0-5
Military Veteran: Yes or No.0-2
Second Language: The DH program values multicultural experiences, including proficiency in a second language.0-5
Written essay and tour: Among other things, essays should reflect an individual who has leadership quality and is respectful, professional, ethical, intelligent, works well in a team, and will represent the department in a professional manner in process and after graduation.0-45
Quality of Application/Communication: The manner in which the application packet is completed, instructions are followed, communication is professional, and recording of grades/GPA information is accurate (loss of points is possible).

For a more detailed list of criteria and scoring, we have created a scoring rubric that will help you determine your chances of being admitted to the program.