Emi Isaki 

Emi Isaki, PhD, CCC-SLP
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Arizona
MS, University of Utah
BS, University of Utah

Courses Taught 

CSD 552 Aphasia and Right Hemisphere Damage
CSD 558 Swallowing Disorders:  Evaluation and Treatment
CSD 653 Traumatic brain injury and dementia
CSD 602 Clinical Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology
CSD 685 Graduate Research

Emi Isaki taught at the U of Hawaii in Manoa before joining the NAU faculty in 2009.  She has worked with the adult neurogenic population since 1992 as a medical speech-language pathologist.  Her areas of expertise include:  traumatic brain injury with adults, pragmatic/social communication skills, community re-entry following adult neurogenic disorders, and multicultural communication.  Her current research focuses on social interaction between children and adults with dementia, social communication abilities of adults with long-term TBI, and written narratives of long-term caregivers of spouses with ABI.  She supervises graduate clinicians working with the adult neurogenic population in the NAU clinic.