CEFNS Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium

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   2017 Event will be held April 28, 2017

     UGRAD Symp 2016                                                                    
Presentations and posters will be enjoyed all day on April 28th, 2017 at the NAU J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome, the University Union and in the du Bois Center.  

Please visit the NAU Undergraduate Symposium webpage for more information and registration.

The Undergraduate Symposium is a NAU campus-wide celebration of student achievement.  Students, faculty and project sponsors present their collaborative efforts to the University and the general public. Teams present projects ranging from capstone designs to sponsored research to summer research projects. These creative endeavors demonstrate the innovative capacity at Northern Arizona University in a tangible way. This is an opportunity for students and faculty alike to engage in something real and authentic outside of the conventional classroom through participation in a public showcase.  UGRADS (UnderGraduate Research And Design Symposium) is the College of Engineering, Forestry & Natural Sciences portion of the Undergraduate Symposium.  

Events are free and open to the public, unless noted.


Important Dates at a Glance
Student Registration Process
Poster Preparation Information
Poster Judging Rubrics
Event Schedule and Venues
2016 Poster Winners & Program
Contact information

 2016 UGRADS 800x800 

1st place
$400-Madison Corey, Kaeli Frechette, Kelsey Morris, Gregory Samaniego-Morris
Mentor:  Dr. Angie Moline
School of Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies
Produce Production and Community Development through The Flagstaff EcoRanch”

1st place tie
$400-Etude O'Neel-Judy
Mentor:  Dr. Timothy Titus, USGS
Department of Physics and Astronomy
“Characterizing the Evolution of Mars South Polar Jets and Fans Using CRIS-THEMIS Observations”

1st place tie
$400-Stephan Ramos & Jonathan Grunwald
Mentors:  Dr. Catherine Propper, Dr. Rob Kellar, Bronson Pinto
Department of Biological Sciences
“Integration of the Scratch Wound Healing Assay and Molecular Techniques to Elucidate the Effects of Arsenic and Estrogen on Wound Healing”

2nd place
$200-April Rodriguez
Mentors:  Dr.Kiisa Nishikawa, Uzma Tahir
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Effects of activation on force-velocity properties of muscles during cyclical length changes”

3rd place
$100-Heather Mead
Mentor:  Dr.Bridget Barker
Department ofBiological Sciences

Culturing Coccidioides: Optimizing In Vitro Culture Media to Reflect Nutrient Availability In Vivo”

1st place
$400-Ryan Marshall, Christopher Young, Christopher Yazzie, My Hoang
Mentors:  Dr. Jeff Heiderscheidt, Lar Reiboldt

Department of Civil Engineering, Construction Management & Environmental Engineering
RV Wastewater Treatment”

$100-Lauren Pristo
Mentors:  Dr. Jinhee Yi, Becky Beresic-Perrins
Department of Biological Sciences
Development of antibody reactive markers to rapidly diagnose patients infected with Burkholderia pseudomallei”


View the 2016 Program



 U-3 225x150   UGRADS 15 225x150

Student poster presenters will be assigned to be present at their posters during one of the following sessions:

Session 1        9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Session 2        2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

Poster presenters should follow the specific directions in the UG Symposium Presentation Information email messages regarding poster set up and take down times.

 UGRADS 450x300

Important Dates at a Glance

Registration period: February 1 - March 13, 2017 (closes at 11:59 p.m.)
Poster printing deadline:  April 21, 2017
UGRADS date:  April 28, 2017

  • Reminder:  you must be present at your assigned poster presentation session or you will receive a 0 on oral quality which will take you out of contention for receiving a prize


Student Registration Process

Registration period: February 1 - March 13, 2017 (closes 11:59 p.m.)

Applications from undergraduate students in all colleges to share their work as posters, oral presentations, exhibits, and performances should be submitted online during the registration period. 

See the NAU Undergraduate Symposium page for registration.


  • Only the primary author or presenter should register
  • All co-authors are to be listed by the primary author in the form 
  • CEFNS Students may be the lead (primary) on only one poster 

Gather all necessary information PRIOR to going online to register-use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (form appears blank in Firefox)

  • Prepare an abstract (part of the judging criteria)
  • Clearly state the problem, issue, or concept being investigated or demonstrated
  • Summarize the project
  • Be readable by a non-technical, educated audience
  • Minimize the use of, and explain, technical jargon
  • Describe the broader interest or impact of the project
  • Beginning February 1, 2017, log into the Online Registration Form and enter information.  
  • NOTE: If you will need to edit or add more information later, do NOT click "Done" on the final page....just save your work.  You should be able to log back in and complete the form later.  
  • Once you select "Done" your registration is final and no changes can be made.
  • Reminder:  you must be present at your assigned poster presentation session or you will receive a 0 on oral quality which will take you out of contention for receiving a prize

EXAMPLES OF GREAT ABSTRACTS in business, creative arts & design, humanities, sciences, and social sciences for general audiences ARE AVAILABLE HERE.


Poster Preparation Information

Poster Creation

It is the responsibility of participating students to create posters for the poster sessions. Posters should be designed to be Velcroed on a large display board (no tape, pins or tri-fold poster boards). For consistency and convenience, we recommend that you download and take advantage of the poster templates provided here. There is a landscape version and a portrait version with useful tips to help you quickly create an attractive poster, but we encourage you to be creative as well.

NOTE:  CEFNS 2017 poster judging rubrics have changed.  Please review.

Download the CEFNS landscape poster template

Download the CEFNS portrait poster template

This is some basic information:

  1. CEFNS posters should be no larger than 36” x 46”to fit on the display board.
  2. Posters should be created in PowerPoint or PDF format. Trying to blow up an 8 ½ x 11 does NOT work well!!
  3. The use of dark (especially black) solid color backgrounds is strongly discouraged...and will incur additional charges.
  4. All posters must be attached to the display board using Velcro. No tape, pins or tri-fold posters are permitted.
  5. Posters must be readable from at least four feet away.
  6. The presentation title must be at least two inches high.
  7. Beneath the title, the name(s) of the student author(s), faculty sponsor, and department/school must be at least one inch high. 
  8. All source(s) of your funding should be acknowledged on the poster
  9. Generally more graphics/less text is preferable!
  10. There are large format NAU logos to be found at http://www.physics.nau.edu/PosterLogos/

Poster Printing Options

On campus options:

  • CEFNS students: To have a poster printed at no cost, the student who registered the project for UGS/UGRADS must submit the poster to the Physics department by email to Ed.Anderson@nau.edu (3-7096) no later than 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 21, 2017.   Students should choose a white background.
  • NAU PRINTING SERVICES: Check with your professor/mentor to see if you are eligible for the NAU Printing Services "Symposium Poster Printing Program."  Payment through valid departmental speedchart numbers only  Mentors must register with Printing Services and provide a speedchart number to charge.   The flat rate is $60.  We specialize in fast turnarounds! Order your posters from home! Students may order Symposium Posters and receive special pricing when they order online at nau.edu/poster. Posters are available on a variety of paper types and sizes and same day turnaround is available! 

Other local poster printing options:

  • Kinko’s FedEx: (1423 S. Plaza Way, 779-5159) ~$80 + tax (possible 10% discount with NAU ID)
  • Staple’s: (2625 N. Woodlands Village Blvd., 214-8424) ~$50 + tax (check for possible promotions)
  • Print Raven (1300 S. Milton #125, 773-1105) ~$52 (matte) or ~$62  (gloss) + tax
  • Need 24 hours notice and prefer PDF format; you will need to pay for the poster at the time you place your order.

Online options:

  • www.PosterPresentations.com: Price varies by size and quality ($45-$65); place order by noon (Pacific Time) for poster to ship out the same business day (cost of shipping depends on delivery time: $0 - $60).

View the Poster Judging Rubrics:  

Engineering Design Capstone Rubric    
Research Rubric       
ENV Capstone, Internship, Community Project
Science/Math Teaching & Learning Project Rubric 
Roundtable Rubric

Event Schedule

7:00-8:30      Setup Posters (Skydome) - ALL posters will be set up at this time

8:45-11:45    Oral presentations in the University Union
9:00-11:00    Posters Session I in Skydome  

11:30-1:00    Luncheon for Presenters, Faculty Mentors, and Judges
                      (du Bois Ballroom)
                      Speaker:  Martin Casado, PhD
                                      Andreesen Horowitz

1:15-5:00      Oral presentations in the University Union
2:00-4:00      Posters Session II in Skydome                       

Note:  Students in Engineering disciplines, Environmental Sciences, and Environmental Studies will give oral presentations in the University Union meeting rooms.    

Please also view the 2015 Capstone Oral Presentation Schedule for more information.



Unregistered vehicles may park in lots P66 (Dome) and P45 (du Bois) during the Symposium.  Faculty, staff, and student permit holders should continue to park in their designated parking lots for set-up on Thursday and all day on Friday. 

Click here to see NAU Parking Map.


Contact Information

Dr. Diana Elder
(928) 523-4123