The Lab of Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology (LLECB)

What we do

Our lab studies a wide range of topics in ecology and related disciplines that are directly linked to applications in conservation and land use. Most conservation challenges involve species whose fates are influenced by numerous factors in the landscape level. The Lab addresses these challenges not only through basic research in ecology, but also through synthesis and application of research results in land and resource management, education, and public outreach. Increasingly, we are involved in efforts to develop and test novel approaches for integrating rigorous science into planning and policy development, particularly as it relates to the restoration, conservation, and sustainable management of public lands.

Our research projects

We are interested in understanding how natural systems work at the broad spatial scales that are relevant to conservation planning, land management, and the maintenance of essential ecological processes. The nature and number of our research projects shifts over time, but we consistently focus on four themes:

  • the restoration of ecological integrity in western forests and grasslands
  • the ecology and conservation of arid ecosystems
  • wildlife conservation
  • habitat fragmentation and edge effects

These projects draw on intensive field research and techniques in remote sensing, geographic information systems, and advanced spatial and statistical modeling.

Get involved

Prospective students (graduate and undergraduate) are encouraged to contact any member of the Lab about new or emerging opportunities for training and research. Internship opportunities are also available with the Lab, and interested undergraduates or members of the community should inquire with Brett Dickson.