Diana Stuart

Stuart, Diana
Diana Stuart


PhD Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz

MS Forest Resources, University of Washington

BA Environmental Studies, UC Berkeley


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Research Interests

Diana Stuart’s research projects have primarily focused on environmental issues related to agriculture and food systems. Her studies examine the social factors that influence land-use decisions and the associated environmental impacts. Her past work included studies on wildlife conservation on farmland, water pollution, fertilizer use, animal agriculture, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Her current and future work will examine the impacts of climate change on Arizona agriculture and adaptation scenarios with a focus on water resources. Dr. Stuart is also more broadly interested in research topics related to forest resources, wildlife conservation, climate change, and water management.


Selected Publications 

Stuart, D., B. Basso, S. Marquart-Pyatt, A.P. Reimer, G.P. Robertson, and J. Zhao. 2015. A Coupled Human-Natural Systems Understanding of Agricultural Nitrogen Loss. BioScience.

Schewe, R.L, and D. Stuart. 2015. Diversity in agricultural technology adoption: how are automatic milking systems used and to what end? Agriculture and Human Values 32(1): 199-213.

Carolan, M. and D. Stuart. 2015. Get real: on climate change and all that ‘it’ entails. Sociologia Ruralis. doi: 10.1111/soru.12067

Stuart, D., R.L. Schewe, and M. McDermott. 2014. Reducing nitrogen fertilizer application as a climate change mitigation strategy: understanding farmer decision-making and potential barriers to change in the US. Land Use Policy 36: 210 –218.

Stuart, D., E. Benveniste, and L.M. Harris. 2014. Evaluating the use of an environmental assurance program to address pollution from United States cropland. Land Use Policy 39: 34 – 43.

Peralta, A., D. Stuart, A. Kent, and J. Lennon. 2014. Integrating human-microbe interactions: a social-ecological framework for management of microbial services. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 12 (9): 524-531.

Petersen, B. and D. Stuart. 2014. Explanations of a changing landscape: a critical examination of the British Columbia bark beetle epidemic. Environment and Planning A 46: 598 – 613.

Gunderson, R. and D. Stuart. 2014. Industrial animal agribusiness and environmental sociological theory: applications and areas for development. International Journal of Sociology 44: 54-74.

Stuart, D. and S. Gillon. 2013. Scaling up to address new challenges to conservation on US farmland. Land Use Policy 31: 223-236.

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Stuart, D., R.L. Schewe, and R. Gunderson. 2013. Extending social theory to farm animals: addressing alienation in the dairy sector. Sociologia Ruralis 52(2): 201 – 222.

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