Ryan Porter

Ryan Porter 230x230


Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Geosciences, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 2011.
B.A. Geology/Physics, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA, 2006


Office: Geology Building (bldg. #12) room 214
Phone: (928) 523-2429
Email: Ryan.Porter@nau.edu

Research interests

Ryan Porter’s research is focused on using natural-source seismic imaging to better understand tectonic processes on Earth. Using techniques such as receiver functions, ambient noise tomography, and surface wave tomography to image the Earth’s subsurface, Ryan studies how the crust and mantle have evolved in recent and ancient times. He is specifically interested in the role that lithospheric-scale processes play in shaping the landscape that we observe at the surface today. Ryan’s research has primarily concentrated on the North and South American Cordillera and South Africa and he has been involved with field projects in California, Arizona, Wyoming, Washington State, Argentina, and Peru.


Porter R., Fouch, M., Schmerr, N., Dynamic Lithosphere within the Great Basin.Submitted to G3 November 2013.

Allison, C., Porter, R., Fouch, M., Semken, S., 2013. Seismic evidence for lithospheric modification beneath the Mojave Neovolcanic Province, Southern California, Geophysical Research Letters 40 (19): 5119–5124

Ward, K., Porter, R., Zandt, G., Beck, S., Wagner, L., Estela, M., Hernando, T., 2013. Ambient Noise Tomography Across the Central Andes. Geophysical Journal International 194 (3): 1559-1573.

Porter, R., Gilbert, H., Zandt, G., Beck, S., Warren, L., Calkins, J., Alvarado, P., Anderson, M., 2012. Shear wave velocities in the Pampean flat-slab region from Rayleigh wave tomography: Implications for slab and upper mantle hydration. J Geophys Res-Solid 117, B11301.

Porter, R., Zandt, G., McQuarrie, N., 2011. Pervasive lower-crustal seismic anisotropy in Southern California: Evidence for underplated schists and active tectonics. Lithosphere 3, 201.