For Parents


Why did my son or daughter receive your postcard?

A select group of students who placed into MAT 100 or MAT 108 at NAU were sent a postcard in an effort to inform them about the benefits of enrolling in the Peak Performance program. Your child has selected a degree program that requires higher levels of math, and placement into MAT 100 or MAT 108 could delay graduation. The Peak Performance program can help them get back on track to graduate on time.

It’s all about the Math Placement score

At Northern Arizona University, a student’s Math Placement determines what math classes he or she is eligible for. Students are required to take the ALEKS Math Placement test before they arrive for Freshman Orientation. Advisors can’t enroll your student in their fall classes until they have completed the ALEKS. Learn more about the ALEKS math placement exam. 

Advice for Parents

Parents of Incoming Freshman play an important part in the success of each student. You can best support your student by helping them to take responsibility for their own success. Encourage your student to contact their Peak Performance Math Coach for support and for NAU campus information. Their Math Coach can help them feel more connected to campus and give them a sense of belonging. In addition to helping them with math content, our Math Coaches are role models who provide students with an opportunity to ask questions in a supportive setting. 

Benefits of Peer Tutoring

According to the National Tutoring Association, the benefits to students from peer tutoring include:

  • an improved attitude towards the subject and school in general
  • opportunity for individualized instruction
  • opportunities for questions and clarifications of difficult concepts
  • improved self-esteem, as they become more successful students

How much does the Peak Performance Program Cost?

Nothing! It’s a free service to NAU incoming freshmen or freshmen transfer students.

Will my son or daughter receive college credit for this program?

No, your student will not earn any credits as a result of their participation in the Peak Performance program.

What if my son or daughter does not want to enroll in the program, is there another way for them to just retake the math placement exam?

Students do not need to enroll in the Peak Program to be eligible to retake ALEKS. NAU students can take the ALEKS test a total of 3 times. All 2nd and 3rd attempts must be proctored. ALEKS testing will be offered at the Lumberjack Mathematics Center for all students during the first week of school for the Fall 2014 term, as well as several dates during the summer. Learn more about testing dates, times and locations.