Modularized Sections of MAT 125 Precalculus

Several sections of MAT 125 Precalculus in the fall 2011 schedule (04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 13, and 16) will be delivered in three modular components, one for each five week period of the semester.

If you enroll in a modularized section, you will typically start in Module 1 and progress through the three modules in order. A small amount of students may be placed into a later module (2 or 3) during the first five weeks of the term. 

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Sections 12 and 13, which are reserved for students continuing in the program from the spring 2011 term and who place out of Module 1, will start with Module 2 and Module 3 respectively. All other modularized sections will start with Module 1.

The modularized classes meet in four 50-minute periods each week. Homework, delivered online using MyMathLab, is a required part of the class.  There may also be take-home quizzes and required in-class activities. In addition, an exit examination is given at the end of each module.

You must pass a module in order to move on to the next module during the subsequent five week period.

To pass a module, you must:

  • earn an average of at least 70 percent on all requirements
  • score at least 60 percent on the module exit exam 

A challenge exam is offered the day after the exit exam if you do not score at least 60 percent on the module exit exam or an overall average of at least 70 percent. A score of at least 70 percent on the challenge exam will earn a student a pass for the module.

If you do not pass a module, you must repeat that module in the subsequent five week period.  For example, if you start with Module 1 during Time Period 1 (first five weeks of the term) but do not pass, you will be reassigned to a section that will cover Module 1 during Time Period 2 (the second five weeks of the term).  No new registration is required to do this. To progress through the course and complete it at the end of the term, you must pass Module 1 the first time period, then Module 2 during Time Period 2, and finally Module 3 during Time Period 3 (last five weeks).

If you have not completed Module 3 by the end of the semester, you are afforded the opportunity of avoiding a failing grade in the course if you register for a modularized section of MAT 125 Precalculus during the semester that follows immediately thereafter (i.e., the Spring 2012 semester for those who have not passed all three modules during Fall 2011), start where you left off (the first module not yet completed), and successfully complete Module 3 by the end of the semester. If you pass Module 2 but not Module 3 by the end of a regular semester, an online version of Module 3 is offered during each winter and May term.

A major advantage of the modular approach is that you can recover from not passing one portion of the course by repeating that portion immediately, and you may carry over, from one term to the next, portions of the course you have passed.  In this way, you can complete the course in a timely fashion without receiving a failing grade in the meantime.

A typical module syllabus gives the following weights to requirements:

  • Exit Exam (comprehensive over all three modules for Module 3 exit exam): 60 percent
  • Homework (MyMathLab, Quizzes (take-home), and in-class participation): 40 percent (this may be subdivided further on individual section syllabi)

Note that no credit is awarded unless a student passes all three modules, with the exception that the small number of students who place into Module 2 or Module 3 need to only pass Modules 2 and 3 or Module 3 respectively.

More information will be provided on individual section syllabi.


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