Hybrid sections of MAT 114 Quantitative Reasoning

Trying to decide between an in-person MAT 114 section and a hybrid section? Consider the following information.

The hybrid approach:

  • is recommended by most students who have taken hybrid sections of MAT 114
  • results in higher student success rates than those in standard in-person sections

Key features

  • Sections meet in person once weekly for one hour rather than three meetings per week.
  • Many course requirements and activities (but not all) are online.
  • The course has supplemental instruction support as well as generous open hours in the department resource room staffed by graduate assistants.

Who should take a hybrid section?

You should take the hybrid section if you:

  • dedicate plenty of  time outside the one-hour in-person meetings to study the material, work through online activities and practice problems, and complete online assignments and quizzes
  • take initiative to make use of expert help and available resources to learn the material
  • are comfortable learning by using educational resources (e.g., books, online activities, online study aids, individual or group tutorials) in addition to absorbing material in a typical class setting

The hybrid MAT 114 sections for Fall 2011 are sections 01 - 12 and 23 - 25.

More information about the hybrid sections

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  • A short orientation session will be held during the first week of classes on Monday evening, August 29, for sections 01 - 06 and 23 - 25, and on Wednesday evening, August 31, for Hybrid sections 07 - 12.  The time of this orientation session is the second listed time in the schedule of classes for the section.
  • Each hybrid section meets in person once each week on Tuesday or Thursday for 1 hour at the first listed time in the class schedule.
  • The weekly meetings will cover key points in the material along with examples, but there will not be time to cover all the course content.  Depending on your particular section, the weekly meetings may also include in-class work or other required activities.
  • You will be expected to work through the online notes on your own, including reading the material and examples and working all solution check problems and worksheets.  The notes contain the essential course content.  Plan to spend about 8 hours on the course each week besides the class meeting.
  • Course requirements and activities include online homework and/or hard-copy assignments, and online quizzes.
  • Four term exams are scheduled on Monday evenings September 19, October 17, November 7, and November 28 (sections 01 - 06 and 23 - 25) or Wednesday evenings September 21, October 19, November 9, and November 30 (sections 07 - 12).  You can see the dates and the exam times in the LOUIE schedule of classes by clicking on the link for your particular section.  The final exam date is Monday, December 12 for sections 01 - 06 and 23 - 25, and Wednesday, December 14 for sections 07 - 12, in the evening at a time announced by your instructor.
  • The hybrid sections have an instructor and a dedicated supplemental instruction teacher.
  • The Mathematics Resource Room (AMB 137) will be available with generous hours.  It has computers and is staffed by graduate assistants and undergraduate SI instructors.
  • Your instructor will give you more detailed information in the syllabus and the first class session.
  • For those concerned that the hybrid may be the wrong choice, there are still seats remaining in standard sections.

More details will be provided on the syllabus.


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