The NAU ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test

If you will need accommodations for this test based on disability please contact Disability Resources.

All NAU students are expected to abide by the NAU Policy on Academic Dishonesty.

Your first ALEKS exam is free and can be completed wherever there is an internet connection.

All 2nd and 3rd ALEKS attempts are required to be proctored. We offer proctored tests in the Lumberjack Mathematics Center Testing Room. Please view the ALEKS Testing Dates and Times page for updated testing information.

The LMC Testing Room is located in Health and Learning Center (building 25) on the 4th floor, room 4104.

Please remember to bring your NAU ID and a credit card to pay the $10 fee.

Before testing:

  1. You must have an NAU User ID and Password.
  2. Read the general directions for testing.
  3. Make sure you understand the policies related to the testing fees and the number of attempts you are allowed.
  4. Make sure your computer meets the ALEKS system requirements.
  5. The ALEKS system requires you to download a plug-in to your computer. ALEKS will look for its plug-in automatically when you begin testing. If ALEKS doesn't find the plug-in, you will be asked to download it. Restart your computer after downloading the plug-in. If you have difficulty installing the plug-in, or if you are using a public computer that does not allow downloading, you can use the streaming plug-in, which does not require installation. (Note: The computers in NAU computer labs already have the ALEKS Plug-in installed.) 
  6. Still have questions? Read through the ALEKS FAQs.
  7. If you have technical problems while taking the test, see ALEKS Troubleshooting or go to ALEKS Customer Support. While you are taking the test, you will be on the ALEKS website, not an NAU website. Be sure to review the ALEKS Privacy Statement.

After testing

  1. At the end of the test, you will see your score (for example, 126 out of 209) and a pie chart showing the topics you have mastered and those you haven't yet mastered. Move your mouse over the pie chart to see specific topics. You can click on specific topics to see a sample question about that topic. Your placement is determined by the percentage of topics you have mastered. You can use your score to calculate your percentage. (For example, 126 out of 209, 126/209=60%.) Or you can view this percentage at the very bottom of your ALEKS report.
  2. Refer to the Mathematics Placement Table to determine which mathematics and statistics courses you will be eligible to enroll in.
  3. Your NAU ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test score will be automatically added to your NAU records within approximately 24 hours after you complete the test. You can view your score in LOUIE under Test Results.  Your score will be listed next to ALEKS C.  Once your score is available on your NAU records, you will be able to enroll in the mathematics and statistics courses for which you are eligible.
  4. If you are satisfied with your math placement, then no further action is required. If you want to try to improve your math placement, you can take the NAU ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test again.  You are allowed to take the test a maximum of three times total.  Your highest score will be used for placement.  (Please note that the number of attempts on the prior Test A (no longer used) and the current Test C is cumulative.  In other words, students have three total attempts on the prior Test A and the current Test C, combined.)  Before taking the test again, you should complete a thorough study/review process on your own, with a tutor, or using the ALEKS Learning Module.  Even after reviewing and retesting, you might not be able to improve your placement. Some students need to complete a refresher course before moving on. This should not be considered a set back.  Rather, it is establishing a firm mathematical knowledge foundation on which to build future courses.

orange_arrowNAU ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test — Ready to test? 

*Make sure you have enough time to finish the test. Plan on at least two hours. Remember that you must complete the test within 48 hours. Make sure you are in an appropriate environment (Is it quiet? Do you have paper and pencils? Are you rested and ready?).*