ALEKS Learning Module

The ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) Learning Module provides students with an interactive learning environment in which they can practice prerequisite skills and techniques.

Students can purchase 6 weeks’ access to ALEKS Learning Module for $33; this will be paid directly to ALEKS/McGraw-Hill.  You can only purchase the Learning Module one time and it cannot be extended.

To access the ALEKS Learning Module, go to the website .

1.   Read through the information, then click the link "NAU ALEKS Placement Test" which is located at the bottom of the page.

orange_arrowNAU ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test —Ready to test?


2. Click " Sign In."

3. Sign in using your  NAU user ID and password. If you have forgotten your NAU user ID and/ or password, go to this website:

4. Click  "Learning Module"

You will be asked for a 20-digit access code which you will need to purchase directly from ALEKS.  The access code will be emailed to you immediately upon payment.

Please note that using the ALEKS Learning Module does not automatically result in a change in placement. Students wishing to improve their placement must take the NAU ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test again, after using the ALEKS Learning Module or other review methods.

In our experience, students who spend time reviewing with the ALEKS Learning Module score higher on the NAU ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test than students who do not use the Learning Module.

Even after reviewing and retesting, you might not be able to improve your placement. Some students need to complete a refresher course before moving on. This should not be considered a set back.  Rather, it is establishing a firm mathematical knowledge foundation on which to build future courses.