MAT 114


Catalog Description:  Contemporary quantitative methods, especially descriptive statistics, elementary probability, examples of statistical inference, linear and exponential models of growth and decay, and applicable discrete models. Fulfills liberal studies foundation requirement. Letter grade only. Course fee required.

Prerequisite: (MAT 100 with a grade of P taken Fall 2013 or later) or (MAT 102X with a grade of C or better) or Math Placement Test Results (ALEKS/MATHA 35+; MATHC 30+; PLACE 43+) or International Exchange Student Group.

Requirement Designation: Foundation Requirement.

General Information: MAT 114 provides students with a broad array of concepts and skills generally useful in other university courses, employment, personal decision making, and understanding the social and natural worlds sufficiently to serve as good citizens.

Sections offered: Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015

Course Coordinator: Matt Fahy

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