MAT 100 Mathematics Pathway

General Information:  MAT 100 is a two-credit hour pass-fail course requiring 150 minutes in the Lumberjack Mathematics Center each week through the completion of all course materials.  75 minutes are scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursdays. A minimum of 75 minutes are spent during open lab time and are flexible. You have the freedom to work at your own pace, within the constraints of established deadlines, but you may choose to work ahead to complete the course early.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with sufficient mathematical knowledge so that you can take the Advancement Exam or the Mathematics Placement Exam (ALEKS) successfully and place into another MAT/STA course.  A schedule is established for you to complete a set of material by the end of the semester.  You progress through the material by demonstrating proficiency in stages.  You are allowed to work ahead of this set schedule.  After completing course requirements, you can if you wish work through more advanced material (not listed in the student learning outcomes).

Prerequisites: Placement in MAT 100 is based on the Placement Exam.

Catalog Description: Review of algebra topics such as the simplification of algebraic expressions, solution of algebraic equations, graphing of linear equations and factoring of polynomials.  Prerequisite: Placement insufficient for a credit bearing mathematics/statistics course

Course Description:  MAT 100 is designed to enhance students’ mathematics skills so that they may exhibit proficiency at the level needed to enroll in another mathematics or statistics course.  Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in material such as solving algebraic equations, graphing linear equations, factoring polynomials, etc.

Sections offered: Spring 2014

Course Coordinator: Shanna Manny