Problem of the Week: 2015-10-27

Due Tuesday, October 27,  at 5:00 pm

Question: A digital clock displays numbers as such: 1234567890

The number 1259 when viewed upside-down is 6521, but the number 437 is not readable upside-down. Starting with the number 1, the fifth number that can be read upside-down is 8 and the 16th number that can be read upside down is 22. What is the 1995th number that can be read upside-down?

All answers should be clearly explained.  Mathematics is about logic and reasoning, not just about getting a number and putting a box around it.

Submit your answers to the Math/Stat Office, Room 107, Adel Mathematics Building. If your instructor is giving extra credit for doing the Problem of the Week, please indicate the instructor's name and the class. Please put the due date (e.g. 2015-10-06 for October 6, 2015) on your submission. Contact with questions.