Seminar Schedule Fall 2016

9/2Dr. Gabe MontañoLos Alamos National Lab

Who needs a Lipid? Using amphiphilic block copolymers for artificial photosynthesis

9/16Prof. Andy KoppischNAUInteraction of Ionic Liquids with Living Systems: From Antibacterial Agents to Renewable Energy
9/23Prof. Martin McCullaghColorado State University Implicit Treatment of Nonpolar Aqueous Aggregation
10/14Adam SettimoNAULiterature Seminar - Paper title: Assessment on Pollution by Heavy Metals and Arsenic Based on Surficial and Core Sediments in the Cam River Mouth, Haiphong Province, Vietnam.
10/21Prof. Jennifer DuisNAUImproving CEFNS transfer student retention and success: The Transfer-GEMS program
10/28Prof. Mark PetersenUniversity of Utah The chemical synthesis of Tumor Necrosis Factor α and its use as a mirror-image phage display target
11/4Current Research StudentsNAUResearch in Chemistry: Opportunities and Student Experiences
            11/7 (Monday) 4:00 pm, Room 103 Physical Sciences Building Inès Montaño Sandia National Lab Microscopic Modeling of Intersubband Transitions in Semiconductor Nanostructures
            11/11Veterans' Day  
            11/18  1:00 pm, Room 256 Biology Building (#21)Archana VaradarajNAU
            Fibronectin Recycling is Involved in the Regulation of the ECM – Fibrillogenesis in Renal and Cancer Cell Hypoxia (part of the Center for Bioengineering Innovation 2016 Lecture Series) Download Flier


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