Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

A BS in Chemistry will give you the basic knowledge of chemistry to prepare you for a graduate degree or an entry-level career.  

Extended majors in chemistry

There are four extended majors in chemistry. Extended majors mean you don’t have to complete a minor and you will take more classes in your major area.

American Chemical Society certified degrees

BS in Biochemistry

The American Chemical Society-certified BS in Biochemistry is for you if you would like to pursue a career in a biochemically-related area or are interested in graduate study in biochemistry or toxicology.   

BS in Chemistry

If you’d like to pursue a career as a chemist, think about the American Chemical Society-certified BS in Chemistry. We recommend this degree if you’d like to pursue graduate school in chemistry or a research career in government or industry.  

Health pre-professional emphasis

This degree could give you a leg up if you’re planning to go on to health professional school in:

  • medicine
  • pharmacy
  • dentistry
  • veterinary science
  • osteopathic
  • chiropractic
  • podiatry
  • optometry  

Forensic chemistry and criminalistics emphasis

This degree can give you valuable experience and education if you plan to pursue a career in a:

  • criminal investigation laboratory
  • medical examiner’s office
  • drug-testing facility
  • DNA forensics laboratory

For more information on all majors, visit the academic catalog. For specific information on the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, check out the degree plan.