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NAU IGERT Graduates; Where are they now?

Department Growth, Faculty Authors, and Faculty Honors

Tam Nguyen (NAU Biological Sciences undergraduate) was featured last fall in the NAU Global newsletter. Here's her story and artwork, from the NAU Center for International Education.


NAU Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series, Thursdays at 4:00 PM in Physical Sciences (Building 19), Room 103

Fall 2014



Title of Seminar

NAU Host

August 28




September 4

Lee Taylor, PhD, Associate Professor, UNM ‎[]‎ 

Evidence for mycorrhiza-driven speciation in fungus-eating orchid

Dr.Catherine Gehring

September 11

Fernando Monroy, PhD, Professor, Northern Arizona University

Understanding innate intestinal responses to Toxoplasma infection

Sabbatical seminar

September 18

Katharine Hayhoe, PhD, Associate Professor at Texas Tech University, Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech, and Founder and CEO of ATMOS Research

High-resolution climate projections: connecting global change to local impacts

Dr. Natasja van Gestel

September 25

Smruta Koppaka, PhD, quality engineer at WL Gore and Associates     

Peripheral nerve interfaces: electrical stimulation with interfasicular approaches

Dr. Sara Jarvis

October 2

Roger Koide, PhD, horticultural ecologist

Determining place and process: functional traits and fungal communities

Dr. Catherine Gehring

October 9

Troy Wood, United States Geological Survey

Guiding the conservation of rare and abundant plant species with genetic data

Dr. Brad Butterfield

October 16

Natasja van Gestel, PhD

Temperature response of soil microbes from varying temperature environments

Dr. Nancy Johnson

October 23

Barry Sinervo, PhD, behavioral and physiological ecologist

Extinction of global reptile diversity in the blink of an eye due to contemporary climate change: physiological models of species distributions going back 50 million years


Dr. Amy Whipple

October 30

Steve Shuster, PhD, Northern Arizona University

Invertebrate zoology and sexual selection

Sabbatical seminar

November 6

Matina Donaldson-Matasci, PhD, University of Arizona, social insect ecologist

How ecology shapes the value of communication within animal groups

Dr. Ken Schmidt

November 13

Aaron Done, PhD student, exercise science

NRF2 signaling; the key to successful aging?

Dr. Tinna Traustadottir

November 20

Raquela Thomas, NAU graduate and now completing her PhD at Medical University of South Carolina-Charleston

Role of the HPVE7/p130/E2F5 axis in sensitization to lethal mitophagy in head and neck cancer 

Dr. Maribeth Watwood

November 27




December 4

Dave Engelthaler, NAU PhD candidate

Tracing the evolution and dispersal of two pathogenic environmental fungi: Cryptococcus and Coccidioides

PhD Defense, Dr. Paul Keim