News and events

Aquatic insects and their relationship to terrestrial leaf litter genotypes--research published by Dr. Zacchaeus Compson (Jane Marks lab)

NAU Biological Sciences faculty member Greg Caporaso--office microbiomes study in the national news


NAU Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series, Mondays at 2:15, Biological Sciences (Building 21) room 256. Refreshments BEFORE seminar in Biological Sciences 2nd floor lobby.

DateSpeakerTalk TitleAffiliation
8/29/2016Jay McEnteeGetting funkier, getting bigger: Divergence in song and ecological traits in bird speciationUniversity of Florida/University of Arizona
9/5/2016Labor DayNo Seminar 
9/12/2016Tom DanielWhen wings inform: mechanosensing for insect flight controlUniversity of Washington
9/19/2016Christopher DoughtyBiological scaling predicts ecosystem function before the Pleistocene Megafauna ExtinctionsNorthern Arizona University
9/26/2016Frank Arthur von HippelRapid evolution and speciation in the threespine stickleback species complexNorthern Arizona University
10/3/2016Jason SahlThe effects of signal erosion and core genome reduction on the identification of diagnostic targets in the genus Burkholderia.Northern Arizona University
10/10/2016Julie SavidgeExotic Brown Treesnakes on Guam: the problem, what we have learned, and efforts to restore ecosystem functionColorado State University
10/17/2016Deane BowersEating and being eaten:  chemical ecology of plant-insect-enemy interactionsUniversity of Colorado
10/24/2016Jut WynneTBANorthern Arizona University
10/31/2016Polly CambellTBAOklahoma State University
11/7/2016Xanthe WalkerTBANorthern Arizona University
11/14/2016Emilio BrunaWhat 1.25 million articles tell us about international collaborations, their scientific impact, and biases in the diffusion of knowledgeUniversity of Florida
11/21/2016Tina AyersTBANorthern Arizona University
11/28/2016Nyo Me (tentative) Ecologically-based management approaches to control wildlife pests in agricultural settings Plant Protection Division Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar
12/5/2016Reading weekNo Seminar 
12/12/2016John PostlethwaitTBAUniversity of Oregon