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NAU IGERT Graduates; Where are they now?

Department Growth, Faculty Authors, and Faculty Honors

Tam Nguyen (NAU Biological Sciences undergraduate) was featured this fall in the NAU Global newsletter. Here's her story and artwork, from the NAU Center for International Education.


NAU Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series, Thursdays at 4:00 PM in Physical Sciences (Building 19), Room 103

Spring 2014

Date 2014




16 January

First week, no seminar



23 January

Joe Bailey, PhD

A framework for linking ecoevolutionary dynamics in a changing global climate

Dave Wagner, PhD

30 January

Ron Gray, PhD

Starting the conversation: the potential impacts of the Next Generation Science Standards



Center for Science Teaching and Learning, Northern Arizona University, (928) 523-3618

6 February

Dave Wagner, PhD

The three great plague pandemics and the worldwide dissemination of plague: insights from contemporary and ancient DNA studies


13 February

Dawn Jung Sun Nice Birdsell, PhD

The Phylogeography of Francisella tularensis 


20 February

Amy Welty-Bernard     

PhD defense


27 February

Steve Blazewicz, PhD

Growth, death, and survival: linking microbial population dynamics in soil to changes in ecosystem function

Bruce Hungate, PhD

6 March

Tom Whitham, PhD

Genetics-based ecosystem engineering and the need for a foundation species act in conservation


13 March

Bruce Hungate, PhD

Sabbatical Seminar


20 March

Spring Break, no seminar



27 March

Ken Schmidt, PhD

Consequences of living in an informed world: Information-mediated Allee effects and responses to environmental change

Natasja van Gestel, PhD

3 April

Todd Wojtowicz

The effects of plant genetic identity on the litter system

Advisor: Catherine Gehring, PhD

10 April

Dana Ikeda


Determining the impact of global climate change on the distribution of foundation species


Advisor: Stephen Shuster, PhD

17 April

Dan Salkeld, PhD, Colorado State University, Stanford University

Of squirrels, mice, and men: biodiversity and zoonotic diseases


Stephanie Cinckovich

24 April

Matt Lau

 The evolution of ecological networks


Advisor: Tom Whitham, PhD

1 May

Jana U'ren, PhD

Geographic and temporal variation of boreal endophytic and endolichenic fungal communities

Andy Krohn


Finals week