Travel & Reimbursement

Information for Biological Sciences travelers:

  • The document written specifically for Biological Sciences travelers can be found here
  • More information is available at the NAU Comptrollers Page (check out the information under travel on the blue bar at the left).

Are you a student seeking travel funding?

Check out these web pages:



Before travel, Biological Sciences travelers should turn in to the travel specialist these items:

  • Annual Travel Certification. This form is required each year, and must be filled out completely, including checking the box about whether or not you are an authorized NAU driver.
  • Permission to travel. Written permission is required for each trip. You may print this, or copy and paste it into an email, fill in all the blanks, and send to your supervisor. The supervisor can approve the travel and send back to the travel specialist via email.
  • Budget for travel. This document will assist you and your travel specialist with the details of your trip. It is a fillable form, so fill it out online, save, and send to the travel specialist.
  • If you are driving your own car and expect to be reimbursed, you must turn in a copy of your proof of car insurance, and you must be an NAU authorized driver.
  • Here is information about authorized driver requirements.


Post-travel reimbursement receipts and form should be turned in to the travel specialist within five (5) days of the return from travel. If the travel paperwork does not get processed within 30 days of the travel, there will be no reimbursement.


Non-travel reimbursements must be submitted within 60 days of the purchase.

Reimbursement forms: 

 Help for Grant PIs and other Approvers