Joseph P. Shannon

joe shannon 120X170

Assistant Research Professor
Phone: 928-523-1740
Fax: 928-523-7500
Office: bldg. 21 room 309

Research/teaching interests

  • Aquatic ecology - river ecosystems and monitoring
  • Stream response to wildfires
  • Curriculum development for hybrid and web based courses

Academic highlights

  • PhD: Northern Arizona University, Biology, 2001
  • MSc: Northern Arizona University, Biology, 1993
  • Secondary Teaching Certificate: Chapman College, 1987
  • BS: Roger Williams University, Marine Biology, 1979

Current research topics include:

  • Defining the impact and duration of wildfire on southwest streams. For example the Dude Fire, on the East Verde river occurred over 20 years ago but the stream bed is still unstable, negatively impacting stream function.
  • Monitoring tributaries of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park.  We have collected data on these magnificent streams since 1990 and they are vital to the survival of native fish.

Current teaching interests include:

Lately, I have been developing lower division on-line and hybrid lab science courses at Gila Community College.  This has meant trying to balance the importance of personal contact in learning and with the freedom of on-line course work.  I am also working on an upper-division/gradate course on climate change in respect to western water supplies, which relies on web-based data sources in conjunction with fieldwork.

Selected Publications

Benenati, E.P. and Shannon, J.P.  2005.  Environmental history of the Colorado River: the changing focus of science, In Michael F. Anderson (Editor) Grand Canyon History Symposium.  Grand Canyon Association Monograph.       

Haden, G.A., J.P. Shannon, K.P. Wilson, and D.W. Blinn. 2003. Benthic community structure of the Green and Colorado Rivers through Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA. Southwest Naturalist. 48:23-35.

Shannon J.P., K. A. Hobson, and L. I. Wassenaar. 2003. Selections From The 3rd International Conference On Applications Of Stable Isotope Techniques To Ecological Studies. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies. 39:1-3.

Shannon, J.P., D.W. Blinn, G.A. Haden, E.P. Benenati, and K.P. Wilson. 2001.  Food web implications of n 13c and n 15n variability over 400 km of the regulated Colorado River, USA.  Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 37:179-191.

Oberlin, G.E., J.P. Shannon, and D.W. Blinn. 1999. Watershed influence on the macroinvertebrate fauna of ten major tributaries of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon, Arizona. Southwestern Naturalist 44:17-30