Connecting to Printer on a Mac

To set up a network printer on a Mac, open System Preferences and select Print & Fax. 

In the Print & Fax options select the add printer icon. This will open a new window with options to add a printer. You will want to select the IP icon.

Once in the IP section of the Add Printer Utility, select Address, and put the printer URL address.

The printer address will be the printer share name. Unfortunately you cannot browse for the printer name, and will need to know this in advance. If you are unsure of the printer share name contact the CEFNS IT help desk @ x8084 and we can tell you.

The Protocol option should be HP Jetdirect for HP printers and Line Printer Daemon for all others.

After you have put in the server information you can give the printer a name. This will be the name that shows in your print dialogue, so give it something memorable such as the share name. If you are setting up a connection to a HP printer the driver should be already installed. If it is a Dell or Konica-Minolta printer you will need to install the driver. The standard Konica-Minolta drivers are available on:


Select the Mac Print Drivers folder then the KM folder. You will have a list of available printers. Select the appropriate folder and a PDF install guide is available.