Network Shares

ITS has instructions on how to connect to a network share. These instructions are specific to the campus server NauShares. They can, however, be applied to our server shares. What you need to know in all cases is the name of the server and the name of the share, which combine to form the Folder. A guide to this information in our environment is:

Forestry Home Drive (X:)
Share: "your userID"$ (Note the dollar sign)
Folder Example: \\\abc99$

Forestry Project/Lab shares
Share: this should have been provided to you
Folder Example: \\\MyProject

Forestry "Q: Drive"
Share: acaddata
Folder: \\\acaddata

If you're connecting from your personally owned computer, you will want to connect using a different user name. If this is the case, select this option and enter your complete NAU user name (e.g., nau\"UserID" or nau-students\"UserID") and password.

Lastly, if you're connecting from off campus you will first need to connect to NAU VPN