School of Forestry career development resources

Hands-on work experience is key to landing your first post-graduation forestry job—that’s why we’re committed to helping you find internships and seasonal positions while in the forestry program.

Seminars and workshops

Our seminars, workshops and mock interviews are hailed as some of the most valuable college experiences by our undergraduates—maybe that’s because many students are actually hired from the “mock” interviews!

All forestry students complete the seminar and workshop, and learn how to:

  • write résumés and cover letters
  • develop interview skills
  • “interview” with a real forestry employer

Mock interviews are held in the Fall of Semester A, and our resume workshops are held at least once a semester.

Student Services Coordinator

Did you know the School of Forestry has its very own Student Services Coordinator to help you in the forestry program and beyond?

The forestry job center

Use the forestry job center to find: 

  • job postings for student, seasonal, and permanent employment
  • natural resources job boards from other institutions & organizations
  • graduate school assistantships and funding opportunities
  • scholarships for natural resources students

Are you an employer looking to post a job?

Check our job-posting instructions.