Plot a Poster

The School of Forestry no longer has a plotter readily available.  Our primary option will now be to use the plotter located in the Engineering Building (69).  This plotter may not necessarily be readily available, and Engineer has priority of use, so it is to your benefit to plan ahead.

As previously noted... do not use dark backgrounds. If you use an image as your background in PowerPoint, use the Design tab, select Background Styles, select your image and set Transparency to 75 percent. Also, make sure your image is close to the XY ratio of your slide, as it will be stretched to fit. Lastly, a 60" paper cutter is located in room 112 of the Southwest Forestry Science Complex.

Basic "How To"
  • Save your document to a flash drive.
  • Contact the CEFNS IT at to inquire as to plotter availability. Note: The default paper width is 36”.  When contacting the CEFNS IT, please inform them if you would like to plot on wider paper (42”).
  • As advised, travel to the Engineering building (CEFNS IT Help Desk - rm 225; plotter - rm 214) and contact CEFNS IT.
  • Log your anticipated plots in the School of Forestry Plotter Log housed with the CEFNS Help Desk.
  • In the Engineering plotter room, log into the computer as you normally would (domain\username).
  • Follow the instructions printed directly above the computer screen.
  • If you need help, the CEFNS IT Help Desk should be able to assist.
  • Close the door when complete and if possible inform CEFNS IT that you are finished.

The School will be reimbursing Engineering for all plots so please don't abuse the system.