Yeon-Su Kim, Ph.D - Professor

kim Research Interests

Ecological Economics, including payments for ecosystem services, regional economic impact analysis, community forestry

My path is on the science and policy interface where ecological sustainability overlaps with social and economic sustainability. Through economic valuation of ecosystem services and regional economic impact analysis, I aspire to contribute to the betterment of life for those in rural communities of the American southwest, as well as those in developing countries, while enhancing ecological sustainability.

 The specific topics include 1) economics of ecological restoration and fuels reduction treatments in the American southwest; 2) REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) feasibility analysis; 3) factors promoting collective actions for sustainable forest management in developing countries.  


B.S., Seoul National University, Korea, 1992
M.S. Seoul National University, Korea, 1994
Ph.D., Oregon State University, 1998

Contact Information

Office: Building 82 - Room 233
Phone: 928.523.6643

Selected Publications

Plumb, S., E. Nielsen, and Y.-S. Kim. 2012. Challenges of Opportunity Cost Analysis in Planning REDD+: A Honduran Case Study of Social and Cultural Values Associated with Indigenous Forest Uses. Forests 2012, 3(2), 244-264;

Bae, J.S., R.W. Joo, and Y.-S. Kim. 2012 Forest transition in South Korea: Reality, path and drivers. Land Use Policy 29:198– 207 IF:2.360

Kim,Y.-S., and E. E. Hjerpe. 2011. Chapter 14 Merging Economics and Ecology in Ecological Restoration Projects. in Dave Egan, Evan Hjerpe, and Jesse Abrams (editors). Integrating Nature and Culture: Exploring the Human Dimensions of Ecological Restoration. Island Press (in press) ISBN 978-1-59726-690-1

Wu, T., Y.-S. Kim, and M. Hurteau. 2011. Investing in Natural Capital: Using Economic Incentives to Overcome Barriers to Forest Restoration. Restoration Ecology 19(4): 441-445

Kim, Y.-S. 2010. Ecological Restoration as Economic Stimulus: A Regional Analysis. Ecological Restoration Institute, Northern Arizona University. ERI–Issues in Forest Restoration, 20p. (peer-reviewed)

Perez-Verdin, G., Y.-S. Kim, D. Hospodarsky, and A. Tecle. 2009. Factors Driving Deforestation in Common-Pool Resources in Northern Mexico. Journal of Environmental Management 90(1): 331-340 IF:2.760

Hjerpe, E.E., and Y.-S. Kim. 2008. Economic impacts of national forest fuels reduction programs in the Southwest. Journal of Forestry 106(6): 311-316 IF:1.465

Pagdee, A., Y.-S. Kim, and P.J. Daugherty. 2006. What Makes Community Forest Management Successful: A meta-study from community forestry throughout the world. Society and Natural Resources V19(1):33-52 IF:1.594

Dr. Kim's publications are also listed at Google Scholar.