Graduate Students

M.F. Students

NameAdvisorProfessional Paper Title
Auerbach, SarahFulé, Peter Z
Thode, Andrea E
DePinte, DanielWaring, Kristen MarieSeed and cone insects of the southwestern white pine (Pinus strobiformis)
Gia, EthanThode, Andrea E 
Hoyt, HowardForestry Advisor 
Ives, ChristopherBowker, Matthew Alan
Thode, Andrea E
Klotz, JasonTecle, Aregai 
Kyllo, RonaldWaring, Kristen Marie 
Maatman, JosephForestry Advisor 
Medford, DavidThode, Andrea E 
Nash, ClairisseSánchez Meador, Andrew Joel 
Normandin, DonaldChambers, Carol L
Huffman, David William
Suggs, MichaelLee, Martha E 

M.S. Students

NameAdvisorThesis Title
Aflitto, NicholasHofstetter, RichardUsing acoustic technology to control insects
Dai, IanTecle, Aregai 
Dowling, LisaMoore, Margaret MayDirect effects of climate on herbaceous plant demography in southwestern pine-bunchgrass ecosystems
Falco, GennaroWaring, Kristen MarieCommunity classification of piñon-juniper vegetation in the four-corner states
Flathers, KelseyKolb, Thomas E 
Johnson, MichaelSánchez Meador, Andrew Joel 
Kobelt, LaraMoore, Margaret MayStand structure of relict Abies concolor in the Mojave Desert
Lommler, MichaelBeier, Paul 
McCoy-Sulentic, MilesKolb, Thomas E 
Mcettrick, MatthewGrady, Kevin Christopher 
Mike, JesseBowker, Matthew Alan 
Nelson, ErikMoore, Margaret May
Huang, Ruihong
Identification of Armillaria spp. in Arizona and their occurrence by habitat type.
Peterson , SharalynMoore, Margaret MayInvasive plants encroaching on a Northern Arizona wilderness area: a risk assessment to predict suitable areas of future establishment and to understand what environmental variables influence their presence
Poling, MeganThode, Andrea E 
Rodman, KyleSánchez Meador, Andrew JoelUnderstanding the past and planning for the future: Changes in spatial dynamics and regeneration in a southwestern mixed conifer forest
Saunders, ErinChambers, Carol LEffects of varying fire severities of a recent wildfire (the 2011 Wallow fire) on tree-roosting, reproductive female bats
Tobin, M AbigailChambers, Carol LEffects of gate designs on bat use and behavior in abandoned mines
Tyler, DavidKolb, Thomas E 
Uhey, DerekHofstetter, Richard 

Ph.D. Students

NameAdvisorDissertation Title
Bagdon, BenjaminHuang, Ching-Hsun 
Bakti, LaluKim, Yeon-Su 
Burr, StephenKolb, Thomas E 
Buschmann, SilkeAllen, James ALight tolerance and regeneration requirements of Terminalia carolinensis, a wetland tree species endemic to the Federated States of Micronesia
Fitch, RyanKim, Yeon-SuValuation of ponderosa pine forests after restoration
Goodrich, BetsyWaring, Kristen MariePinus strobiformis ecology in Southwestern mixed conifer forests: geographic variation in regeneration success, spatial patterns and adaptive traits.
Hampton, HaydeeFulé, Peter Z
Hungate, Bruce A
Climate forcing implications of southwestern ponderosa pine management
Hoagland, SerraBeier, PaulEffects of landscape pattern and forest treatments on Mexican spotted owls: a comparative analysis between the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation and the Lincoln National Forest, NM.
Jarvis, KarlBeier, PaulMortality and Barrier Effects of Roads on the Landscape Genetics of the Desert Kangaroo Rat
Keeley, AnnikaBeier, PaulComparison of landscape resistance measures as estimated by habitat use, movement behavior, and gene flow.
Owen, SuzanneFulé, Peter Z Post-Wildfire Tree Spatial Patterns and Environmental Influences on Seedling Survival in Ponderosa Pine Forests
Reilly, MichelleBeier, PaulDetermining the Effects of Non-motorized Recreation on Medium- and Large-Sized Mammals in the San Francisco Bay Ecoregion
Remke, MichaelBowker, Matthew Alan 
Starbuck, ClarissaChambers, Carol LBats and Wind Development in Northern Arizona
Wasserman, TzeidleChambers, Carol LLandscape Genetic Patterns of small mammals and response to climate change in northern Arizona

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