Faculty and Staff

2014 Faculty Retreat
SEATED: Andrew Sánchez Meador, Karen Blalock, Rich Hofstetter, Ching Huang, Dave Auty, Cheryl Miller, Kris Bellmore, Carol Chambers, Kristen Waring, Aregai Tecle, Todd Chaudhry (CPCESU, NPS). STANDING: Paul Beier, Margaret Moore, Jim Allen, Steve Andariese, Bruce Fox, Steve Dewhurst, Bob Mathiasen, Pete Fulé, Matt Bowker, Marty Lee, Denver Hospodarsky, Tom Kolb, Susan Bierer. NOT PICTURED: Wally Covington, Molly Hunter, Yeon-Su Kim, Andi Thode.

Leaders in forestry

Our faculty, in addition to their many published works, actively engage in research in ecology, sustainability, and the science of forestry. Explore their research and see why our faculty are considered leaders in forestry.