Wind for Schools

WfS Tommy Acker

Northern Arizona University is home to Arizona’s Wind for Schools Project. This project, supported by the United States Department of Energy, allows states to support K-12 schools and community colleges in the process of installing small wind turbines and implementing wind energy curriculum. To learn more about the Wind for Schools Program and its nationwide impact, visit their interactive website.

Wind for Schools provides support to rural schools for the installation of anemometer equipment or small wind turbines. Wind for Schools staff members help school districts through the process of permitting and installing this equipment at selected schools, and provide ongoing technical support for the installations.

The Arizona Wind for Schools project Federal grant contract ended in summer 2013, and the project reduced its outreach efforts but still supports its partner schools. From 2010–2013 there were many accomplishments with the help of our partner teachers, including the installation of wind turbines! See the locations of all the installations on the map of Arizona, and our total impact in the table below.

 WfS Star Map 2


Program areaImpacts
Schools worked with and visited39
Wind Turbines Installed16
Weather Station Installed1
PV Arrays Installed3
Participation at special public events or events at NAU2341
Students employed at NAU or official program volunteers for NAU credit19
NAU students in wind-related classes465
Presentations/special projects in NAU classes22
Students at presentations/projects in NAU classes556
K-12 students impacted by direct education activities2727
Teacher workshops20
Teachers trained at workshops288
Media coverage (print, radio, TV)44 stories
Total program funding obtained$776,000

In November 2011, Wind for Schools installed our first Skystream turbine next to the Applied Research and Development building. It supplies renewable energy to the LEED-Platinum certified building. View the time lapse video below to watch the installation process!


Our partners

Our partners include regional utilities, Native American tribes, business and non-profit organizations, school districts, and members of the renewable energy and energy efficiency manufacturing and development industries.

For more information about the Wind for Schools program, contact Karin Wadsack, Project Director, at 928-523-0715 or