Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) with an emphasis in Mechanical Engineering is a thesis-based graduate degree program built upon the overarching themes of sustainability and advanced engineering design.

The program allows students to achieve depth in a single discipline or breadth across multiple disciplines. The two emphases of the program are:

  • sustainable systems
  • advanced engineering design  

Sustainable systems

The sustainable systems theme focuses on:

  • sustaining environmental and built systems with topics related to:
  • energy
  • natural and built environment
  • policy and management
  • informatics

Research topics include the management of natural resources and their transformation and the transportation, utilization, and application of natural systems.

Advanced Engineering Design

The Advanced Engineering Design theme emphasizes innovation when designing systems. This theme of design and innovation accommodates the many diverse research areas in engineering that are directed towards meeting the demands of rapidly-developing interdisciplinary technologies of the 21st century.

An intersection of both

The sustainability and advanced engineering design themes, however, naturally intersect—the methods of design and innovation are a necessary element to the successful development or support of sustainable systems.  Likewise, the principles of sustainability can foster innovation and economic development.