Integrated degrees

If you are an outstanding sophomore, junior or senior who has completed 60 credits, you may be able to get both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in 5 years, which is a shorter time than would normally be possible.  Our Integrated Program allows you to count 6 credits toward both degrees, shortening the master’s degree.  In addition, you can transition more seamlessly from undergraduate to graduate status without disconnect and better plan for your course and thesis work.

  • Admission to the Integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s program requires a GPA of 3.25 cumulative and 3.5 in your major; the GRE is not required.
  • You can submit an application for the integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s Program once you have completed 60 semester hours with at least a 3.25 GPA, 24 hours of which were completed at NAU, with at least 12 hours being ME prefix classes with a GPA of 3.50.
  • You must apply and be admitted before you take any of the credits that will be used for both degrees.  You will maintain undergraduate status (for tuition and financial aid purposes) while taking graduate classes until you receive your B.S. degree.
  • Students must submit an undergraduate application for graduation (B.S.) during the term before their expected graduation (which must be at least one semester prior to your M.S. graduation).  Upon posting of your B.S. degree, you will be granted full graduate status and will be eligible for Graduate Assistantships and other graduate financial awards.

Please visit the Accelerated Program webpage for additional information.