Master of Engineering (MEng)

The Master of Engineering (MEng) program offers a practice-oriented education that prepares graduates for real-world engineering challenges.

Currently at NAU, we offer the following academic emphases for residential (on-campus) students:

For more specific information about the above areas, please consult the web pages of the individual departments.

Admissions and entry

Applicants must select one primary disciplinary focus  from the following: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.  The primary disciplinary focus is normally the department (i) where the student intends to take the majority of his/her coursework and (ii) of his/her academic adviser.

Degree requirements

Please note the following general policies that apply to all Master of Engineering students:

  • The Master of Engineering (MEng) requires the completion of 30 hours of coursework.
  • At least half of the coursework, not including the practice-oriented project, must be in engineering.  This minimum may be higher in some academic emphases.
  • A thesis is not required; however, a practice-oriented project of up to 6 hours is optional in some emphases.
  • Within the total of 30 units, you must complete a minimum of 3 units in applied engineering mathematics, as well as 3 units of engineering management or business.
  • You must take at least 10 units of coursework from your home institution.
  • Prior to graduation, you must satisfy the requirements of a capstone event, which is developed and administered by your advisory committee.

Also, note the following policies that apply to all students who choose NAU as their home institution:

  • The Graduate College at NAU requires at least 24 hours of formal coursework—that is, courses other than individualized courses such as independent study, research and master's project.
  • You may apply up two 400-level courses toward your degree (8 credit hours maximum).
  • A limit of 25% of your coursework (a maximum of 7.5 hours) may be transferred from accredited institutions outside Arizona, provided the grade is "A" or "B".  You will need to fill in a petition to transfer form and ask for the signature of the chair of your advisory committee.
  • You are responsible for choosing the chair and members of your advisory committee by the time you complete 9 units of coursework.  Also, no later than the first month of the semester in which the 10th credit unit is taken, you must submit a program of study (POS) listing all coursework intended to satisfy the MEng degree requirements.  Note that the POS is subject to the approval of your advisory committee and the Graduate Programs Director at NAU.
  • Additional requirements for each of the program emphases are described on the specific departmental pages. Each academic emphasis has specific course requirements in addition to the general program requirements described above.

Financial support

Teaching and research assistantships are available for qualified students. For other sources of financial support, see the website of the Graduate College at NAU. Early application to the program will increase your chances for financial support.

We have great news: As of 3/2/11, President Haeger has agreed that NAU will provide full graduate tuition remission for approved graduate assistants for FY 2012! 

Note, however, that GAs who are hired on grants or other local dollars are not eligible for central funding for this, so local dollars will be needed to fund this additional tuition remission.