How to apply for graduation


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! There are a few steps you need to complete in order to be eligible for graduation:

  1. read the Graduation Application instructions
  2. after you early register for your remaining classes, run your academic advisement report (or degree progress report) from your LOUIE account 
  3. meet with a professional adviser (not your faculty adviser) to help you fill out the graduation application and review your academic advisement report, especially if there are areas which do not show being satisfied.  The academic advisement report can be misleading and is informational only;  the catalog is the authoritative source of graduation requirements. 
  4. turn in your graduation application online or to your professional adviser by the deadline listed below
  5. the College Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences will process and send your application packet to the Registrar’s office
  6. a graduation application fee will be applied to your LOUIE account. You must pay this fee and resolve any financial holds on your account to receive your diploma
  7. you must arrange for your own graduation apparel if you plan to attend the graduation ceremonies


All graduation materials are due by the following dates.  These dates are set so that you can register for any classes you still need during your last semester.  You may be delayed in graduating if you do not apply for graduation by these deadlines and you do not know of some classes you had to take to graduate!

Spring/Summer graduates:  November 15
Fall graduates:   April 15

Graduation contact

Graduation Applications should be turned in to:

Electrical Engineering Professional Adviser
Barbara Mendez
Phone: 928-523-9089
Office: Engineering Building 69, Room 122B

Multicultural Engineering Program adviser
Kelley Horn
Phone: 928-523-6178
Office: Engineering Building 69, Room 122F

International Student Adviser
Julie Thurston
Phone: 928-523-4857
Office:  Engineering Building 69, Room 122A