Teaching and research assistantships

As a graduate student, you have the opportunity to apply for the following assistantships. Please send curriculum vitae and 3 references to Dr. Phillip Mlsna, listed below.

Teaching assistants

We look for applicants interested in teaching undergraduate laboratories in networks, digital logic, electronics, microprocessors, electromagnetics, signals and linear systems, semiconductors, and computer engineering. 

If you are a 20 hour-per-week graduate assistant, your tuition will be paid by the university.

Wireless and communication systems research assistants

We look for applicants with a strong interest and undergraduate background in signals and linear systems, communication systems, and probability. 

Research topics include waveform and receiver design for communication and sensing (including spatio-temporal processing), and adaptive/learning systems for dispersive, time-varying, and non-linear channels.


Dr. Phillip Mlsna
PO Box 15600
College of Engineering, Forestry & Natural Sciences
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
E-mail: Phillip.Mlsna@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-2112