Degrees and Programs


We offer a range of degrees and programs, including undergraduate degree programs, graduate degrees, minors, and certificates. Explore which option is right for you. 

Undergraduate students pay a flat tuition for anything between 12 and 18 hours each semester.  For in-state 1st year students in Fall 2014, tuition and fees is $9,989 per year.  For Western Undergraduate Exchange students (most states in the west) it is $14,550 while other out-of-state students pay $22,510.  These amounts are fixed for four years under the PLEDGE program.  Included are university fees of $870 per year while program fees are not included and begin after you reach 60 credits and are $500 per year.  These help ensure that we can provide the services, learning spaces, and expensive lab equipment and software needed for our electrical engineering program.  Part of the fee goes to scholarships to help students with need pay their program fees.  Class fees are also not included and are assessed for most science and engineering classes and provide lab supplies, field trips, lab and classroom aides, audio visual classroom equipment, computer hardware, software and wireless infrastructure.  You can expect about $350 per year in class fees depending on electives you take.  See the Admissions website for more information on costs.

Undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) Degree Program Emphases and Options for Electrical Engineering

1. Electrical & Electronics Engineering Emphasis: BSE in Electrical Engineering*

2. Computer Engineering Emphasis: BSE in Electrical Engineering*


*Our BSE in Electrical Engineering degree is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,



3. Minor in Electrical Engineering 

4. Global Science and Engineering Program: BSE in Electrical Engineering & BA in a Modern Language 

5. International Engineering and Natural Science Certificate 

Accelerated undergraduate and graduate degree program

A BSE in Electrical Engineering integrated with either a Master of Science or Master's of Engineering in Electrical Engineering 

Graduate Degree Programs

1. Master of Science in Engineering (MSE): Electrical Engineering 

2. Master of Engineering (MEng): Electrical Engineering