Associated Schools of Construction competition

Competition Description

Since 1997, the Construction Management program at Northern Arizona University has sent teams to the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Annual Construction Management Competition in Reno, Nevada.

These teams are comprised of six core team members, alternates, and a coach. 

The competition begins with an intense session of problem solving based on complex project plans and contract documents. The competing teams have no previous knowledge of the documents. They are sequestered in a hotel room arranged to serve as an office space.

For 20 hours after receiving the problem, they work non-stop to create answers and solutions to the competition problem statements. No outside assistance is permitted.

The following day, the teams present an oral defense of their solutions. Panels of experts judge team member presentation skills and the accuracy or feasibility of the team solutions. Awards are given to the top three teams. The top team in each division goes on to a national competition.

This year's Reno competition will take place Wednesday, February 5th through Saturday, February 8th, 2014.


At the competition, you’ll get career experience and meet a wide variety of potential employers.

Competition Categories

Northern Arizona University may field one team in each of the Region 6 categories and unlimited number of teams in the National Categories listed below.  Note that some categories may not be available depending on sponsorships. Refer to the ASC website for the most current information.

Region Six

Region Six categories are: (links are to NAU presentations from previous years)


National categories are:

  • Graduate
  • Mechanical
  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) 2013 presentation
  • Marine construction
  • LEED Construction
  • Preconstruction Services
  • Determining Project Risk
  • Electrical
  • Concrete 2012 presentation


If you are enrolled in the Construction Management program or another Northern Arizona University program, you are eligible to compete. All participants must:

  • have the ability and desire to commit to a minimum of four hours per week preparing for the competition during fall and spring semesters through mid-February
  • have the ability and desire to devote time over the summer for preparation
  • attend a mandatory organizational meeting at the end of April
  • be a full-time student in the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 (12 to 18 credit hours)
  • enroll in CM 499 course for the Fall 2013 semester (Tues  5:30 pm - 8:30 pm - permission numbers will be provided upon receipt of SOQ)
  • have membership in a CMO student organization

Preference will be given to students who

  • have and maintains a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • are willing to make a two year commitment to the competition team
  • will act as an apprentice in the first year and a mentor and team leader in the second

Application Process to receive class permission number:

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Application information: 

  • Submit a statement of qualifications (SOQ) to Professor Tingerthal to be considered.
  • Core Teams must apply by the appropriate application deadline below.
  • Statements should be professionally formatted and contain, at a minimum, the information listed below.
  • As this is a competitive process, additional materials that support your team’s bid may be appropriate.
  • Get your CM 499 permission numbers from Professor Tingerthal after SOQ has been submitted.

Core Teams

Application deadline: April 28, 2014

Core teams will consist of four to six members who have identified a desired competition category. Core teams will typically consist of upperclassmen and/or students who have participated in a previous ASC student competition, although this is not a requirement.

Your statement of qualifications proposal must include the following information:

  1. Team members’ names, majors, and academic standing (freshman, sophomore, etc).
  2. Desired competition category and motivation for selection
  3. Individual member qualification and goal statements: Include biography for each individual describing his/her motivation for participating and the strengths that he/she brings to the team.
  4. Anticipated (desired or requested) coach name.  State whether or not you have approached said coach and his/her response.
  5. Statement that all eligibility criteria have been met by all members.
  6. Signatures of all members.

Prospective team leaders should fill out this form if you are looking for additional members.

Information submitted by this form can be viewed by clicking here. Visit this link to view prospective members.


Application deadline: April 28th, 2014

Individuals who are interested in participating, either as a team member or as an alternate will need to show up to the meeting that will be scheduled for the end of the spring semester and interview during the first week of classes for a position on one of the teams.

Your statement of qualifications proposal must include the following information:

  1. Individual’s name.
  2. Competition category or categories you are interested in.
  3. Individual member qualification and goal statement: Include biography describing your motivation for participating and the strengths that you would bring to a team.
  4. Statement that all eligibility criteria have been met.
  5. Signature.
Also, you should fill out this form so that core teams can contact you.
Information submitted by this form can be viewed by clicking here.

Selection process

Teams will be selected first from the core team applications based on qualifications. The number of teams will be determined by budget constraints. In past years we have had the funds to field up to four teams.

Once core teams have been selected, individual applicants and members of core teams not selected will interview with selected teams to fill open and alternate positions at the beginning of the fall semester.