Construct for Practice (C4P)

The integrated laboratory project anticipates the design, construction and management of building mockups that will simulate the type of construction found on a typical commercial building project. 

This laboratory has been designed to develop the technical, communication, collaboration and problem solving skills you’ll need as a future construction professional.


As an integrated team you will be expected to:

  • develop a Building Information Model that contains design, cost, and schedule elements required for the successful completion of the project
  • develop a safety program that can be used to identify and mitigate hazards and train students in the elements of construction safety
  • develop specifications, shop drawings, and submittal packages that comply with NAU building standards
  • develop specifications and monitor procedures that can be used to measure and document construction quality on the project
  • develop a cost and scheduling control system that can be used to monitor progress and predict future costs
  • construct a complete commercial building mockup that meets the owner’s design requirements
  • manage the project through weekly team meetings, look- ahead schedules, meeting minutes, design briefs, requests for information, and as built drawings and models
  • provide weekly progress reports that document progress, construction deficiencies, and schedule and cost compliance
  • provide a final report that summarizes all of the activities associated with the project and provides ideas for the improvement of future projects
  • work hard, have fun, and develop your skill as a construction professional


Each of these one-hour lab classes requires three hours of contact or classroom time.  Laboratories are every Friday during the semester from 7:30 to 10:30 a.m. Attendance is mandatory.


Seniors will act as project managers for the mockups. You will manage project costs, project quality, and the project schedule. You will also document progress and maintain as-built drawings. 


Juniors will act as the project designers for the mockups. Your focus will be information management, including the development of as-built drawings, digital models, project specifications, and submittals.  


Sophomores will act as the project builders, and are responsible for constructing the mockup per the plans and specifications.  In this way, three teams of students—seniors, juniors, and sophomores—will work collectively to coordinate, manage, and construct a complicated construction system.


Each project team will be graded collectively and individually. Assessment components include:

  • timely submission of deliverables as required to meet deadlines
  • quality, accuracy, and professionalism of deliverables
  • attendance
  • collaboration, communication, and teamwork