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CM Wall of Fame

This year our program will be graduating its 1000th construction management student.  To celebrate this achievement we are asking all of graduates to send us their business cards which we are going to mount in our Wall of Fame display case at the NAU engineering facility.   We are going to use the Wall of Fame to demonstrate the successes of our alumni and to help recruit future CM students into our program.   We’d like to get all 1000 alumni on the wall so I hope you will participate.  Please click here for details on how to get your card on the wall.

Students Spend Christmas Holiday On Humanitarian Mission  (1/5/2012)

For some, the holiday break means recovering from finals, skiing, or spending time with loved ones. For others, it’s an opportunity to serve. 

On December 16, 12 university students and faculty from various disciplines journeyed to India for two weeks. Their mission: to use their expertise to improve the lives of the Tibetan refugees in India’s Mainpat settlement, which consists of a monastery and seven camps of approximately 200 people each?  

Resources can be scarce in the Tibetan refugee camps, and Mainpat is no exception. In a unique interdisciplinary venture, the NAU group’s members completed an engineering project, provided dental care, and studied the community to determine its needs and how to provide sustainability. 

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 Important Curricular Changes (1/3/2012)

As some of you may have heard, there will be some changes to the CM program starting in Fall of 2012.  Click here for more information 

 CM Program Graduates 22 Students in Fall 2011 Commencement (12/6/2012)

 CM grad class F2011 
Matt Minter, CJ Jones, Mike DeFeyter, Erich Newman, Tim Kirkland, Chad Wylie, Guy DeJong, Andrew Queen, TJ Ruiz, Jaxon Kelly, Ian Potter, Arthur Harwich, Tony Holtum and Adam Pomeroy
(not pictured: Juan Bright, Justin Brooks, Eric Cavalieri, Sean Hannig, Max Hickey, Kameron Johnson, Nicolaas Larson, Richard 'Buddy' Meehan)