Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Engineering is a thesis-required program that focuses Computer Science on sustainable systems and/or advanced engineering design. 

Innovating professionally

Your master’s degree in computer science will give you an edge over the competition. Upon obtaining your degree, you’ll be qualified to work on exciting projects such as:

  • solving Arizona's water problem
  • mining huge scientific databases
  • designing and programming mobile robots and unmanned aerial vehicles
  • analyzing and developing software architectures that underpin modern systems

Work while you study

You may get paid and have your tuition waived if you work as a graduate assistant for 20 hours per week. The university will pay your tuition and provide you with a living stipend if awarded an assistantship.

You can apply by emailing the assistant chair for CS for a:

  • teaching assistantship
  • research assistantship

Find more information about other opportunities in financial aid.

Degree requirements

To earn this degree, you must complete a total of 30 credit hours:

  • 6 hours of thesis research
  • 3 hours of applied Mathematics or Statistics
  • 6 hours of core courses in sustainable systems (EGR 501) and advanced engineering design (EGR 502)
  • 15 hours of electives (9 of which must be in CS)

For complete information on degree requirements and courses, visit the 2014-15 academiccatalog.


Find out how to join our program.  You will find information about admission requirements, how to apply, and prerequisite coursework you will need to complete if your Bachelor's degree is not in computer science.

Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Plan

This program is available as an Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Plan.  Accelerated Programs provide the opportunity for outstanding undergraduates working on their bachelor’s degree to simultaneously begin work on a master’s degree, which may allow them to complete both degrees in an accelerated manner by applying 6 units toward both degrees.  Students must apply to the accelerated program and the master’s program by the application deadline, and meet all requirements as listed on the Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Programs to be considered for admission.  Admission to programs is competitive and qualified applicants may be denied because of limits on the number of students admitted each year.  Be sure to speak with your adviser regarding your interest in Accelerated Programs.