Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science (BSACS)

The BSACS is a practice-oriented computer science degree, aimed less at large-scale software development and more towards production of smaller scope software systems and programming. 


As a BSACS graduate, you would be well-prepared to work as a programmer in applied contexts, such as creating, organizing, and manipulating information.  Some hot career paths include:

  • bioinformatics and applied science tool development
  • web development
  • game and media development
  • information technology
  • software testing

More information on Classes Required

For more information on degree requirements and courses, download the 8 Term Progression Plan for 2014-15 that shows what classes you should take each semester, or look at the academic catalogs for requirements in earlier catalogs.   Other degree progression plans are also available for different catalog years and different majors.

Graduate on time - Information on when classes are offered

To ensure you graduate on schedule, familiarize yourself with what classes are offered in the 2-year class schedule.

BS in Applied Computer Science vs. BS in Computer Science- Which is right for you?

The BSACS program is a good choice if you’re seeking a career in smaller scale, hands-on applied programming.

The BSCS program is accredited and provides excellent training if you’re seeking a career in complex software engineering with maximum career flexibility or if you want to pursue an advanced degree in Computer Science.