Contact Information

Northern Arizona University
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Dept.
2112 S. Huffer Ln.
PO Box: 15600 Flagstaff  AZ  86011-5600  Engineering - (Bldg #69) Room # 122
Phone: 928-523-5251
Fax: 928-523-2300

Department Chair
Dr. James Palmer
Room 262

Assistant Chair (Electrical and Computer Engineering Emphases, Options and Graduate Programs) 
Dr. David Scott
Room 258

Engineering Staff Contact Information

Ms. Juana Blum, Business Manager, 928-523-1393, Room 122J,

Ms. Sarah Hunter, Graduate Program and Administrative Associate, 928-523-5263, Room 122L,

Ms. Anita Bakula, Building Manager and Administrative Assistant, 928-523-1447, Room 122H,

Ms. Kimberly Coyle-Pohs, Administrative Assistant, 928-523-5251, Room 122G,

Ms. Elizabeth Glass, Director of Career Development, 928-523-6178, Room 122K,

Ms. Diana Sundermeyer, Director of the Multicultural Engineering Program, 928-523-0924, Room 122K,

Ms. Barbara Mendez, Academic Adviser for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 928-523-9089, Room 122B,

Ms. Julie Thurston, Academic Adviser for International Students, 928-523-4857, Room 122A,

Ms. Megan Duskey, Academic Adviser for Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Environmental Engineering, 928-523-5191, Room 122C,

Ms. Janet Osburn, Academic Adviser for Mechanical Engineering, 928-523-5172, Room 122D,

Ms. Jennifer Johnson, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, 928-523-5528, Biology room 140,

Shipping Address
15600 S. McConnell Circle
NAU bldg. 69
Flagstaff, AZ 86011