Departmental Policies / Forms

Student Handbook

All students should be familiar with the Student Handbook because these policies affect every course you take; the Appendices also contain important information. Some of the more important policies are listed below and can be found via the link above..
  •  FERPA
  • Student Conduct
  • Classroom Disruption Policy
  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Grade Appeal
  • Institutional Excuse Form
  • See "Academic Policies" for all policies dealing with classes: attendance, audits, overloads, incompletes, end term week, holds, withdrawls

CECMEE Policy on Academic Integrity

This document details student / faculty responsibilities and CECMEE-specifics related to the NAU policy in the Student Handbook.

Prerequisite Waiver Policy

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have met the prerequisites for a class.  If you do not meet the prerequisites and are enrolled in a class, you will be administratively dropped.  If you feel that your case merits a waiver, you should email Dr. Bero BEFORE START OF CLASS to discuss the concern.  In that email you should include a completely filled out program of study showing where you are in your progression to graduation; this means semester and grade received for courses taken, and planned semester for future courses.  Prerequisite waivers will not be granted for lower-division courses.

You need the Prerequisite Waiver Form if you have been granted a prerequisite waiver.  This form certifies that you accept the responsibility for knowing all prerequisite material, and that the course instructor is not responsible for providing you with additional help in the course.  You must also complete all prerequisite courses with a C or better.
Override Form - Audit / Grad taking 400 level / UGrad taking 500 level

Administrative Drop / Attendance Policy

You will be administratively dropped from a class if you do not have the prerequisites completed with a C or better.  You will also be administratively dropped if you are miss the first week of classes.  Classwork starts IMMEDIATELY on day one; missing the first week for any reason will put you behind and it wastes classroom space that another student is waiting for.  Please plan your return-to-campus schedules so that you will not miss classes!

Petition to Waive Engineering Program Fee

This fee is charged to all juniors and seniors in the program and is $250/semester.  Under certain conditions, the fee can be waived or reduced; see the petition form for eligibility.  A portion of income from this fee is reserved to support students with financial need; the Financial Aid office determines eligibility and awards financial aid for the fee.

Capstone Website Instructions

This guide helps you create a web page - required for CENE 476/486C.

Use of the CECMEE Field Station

The CECMEE Field Station (informerly known as "Trotta's Farm") is a multi-use, secured facility.  You need a faculty advisor and approval from the Chair to be authorized to use the facility.  Download the regulations and permit application and get the appropriate signatures, then submit to the CECMEE Chair.

Laboratory Safety Procedures

All undergraduate and graduate students using any of the laboratories for any course or individual team/project work MUST complete safety training.  For your classes, your instructor will provide you with the info you need.  For projects, contact your instructor AND Terry Baxter (EnE/CE) or Lar Reiboldt (CE).


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! There are a few steps you need to complete in order to be eligible for graduation. Procedures (click here for more detail)

  • Print out a graduation application packet.
  • Print out a degree progress report from your LOUIE account.
  • Meet with your faculty adviser to fill out the graduation application and review your degree progress report.
  • Get the signatures of your adviser and the department chair on your graduation application. Your adviser will tell you if you should take the completed application to Construction Management department office or the College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences.
  • The College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences will send your application packet to the Registrar’s office.

A $35 graduation application fee will be applied to your LOUIE account. You must pay this fee and resolve any financial holds on your account to receive your diploma. 

Fall graduation:  Application is due April 15
Spring Graduation: Application is due November 15

Challenge Exam Policy for CENE 180 

Procedure for Student Complaints Regarding Faculty