August 2014. CE and EnE programs have received a full six-year accreditation from ABET!

August 2014.  Congratulations are due to our PCI Capstone Team.  Results from the 2014 PCI Big Beam Contest are in, and NAU's team took 3rd place in the Region again, for a $500 prize, beating out some big-name western schools.  NAU students on the team were Chad Dietrich, Mengxi Du, and Wael Alqattan (all Spring 2014 CE graduates).  Special thanks to TPac of Phoenix for their generous financial sponsorship of the team!

June 2014.  Dr. Paul Gremillion will be organizing a water reuse conference in Prescott, June 20-21, 2014.  The conference title and link to more info is: Water Reuse 2014: Reclaimed Water as a Resource for an Arid Future.  This one-day conference assembles state and national leaders in wastewater reuse to discuss opportunities for Arizona’s municipalities and water districts. Our agenda includes case studies presented by engineers, water managers, and policy makers who have implemented successful and innovative reuse strategies. The conference will be held on Friday June 20, 2014 at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona and will be followed on Saturday June 21 by a field trip to reuse facilities in Cottonwood, Prescott, and Prescott Valley, Arizona.

May 2014.  CECMEE major Sierra Holloway has be awarded the competitive AACE International - The Authority for Total Cost Management scholarship.  As the winner of the Arizona section scholarship (competing with all AZ schools), Sierra will receive a $3000 scholarship for next year.

April 2014.  Three Civil Engineering undergraduate students, Logan Couch, Jason Luque, and Chris Sobie, working with Dr. Ed Smaglik and in conjunction with the City of Flagstaff, presented on a research project involving bicycle and motor vehicle conflicts at the 63rd Annual Roads and Streets conference in Tuscon, Arizona, April 16th-18th , 2014.  Since the fall of 2013, the City of Flagstaff has applied green paint to conflict zones within the bicycle lane on south Beaver Street with the goal of highlighting that conflict zone to all road users, bicycles and motor vehicles combined.  Smaglik’s team has recorded video of operations at the locations prior to and after the paint installation, and is investigating the any change in user behavior.  

April 2014. Students in CENE 545: Advanced Traffic Signal Systems participated in a field trip to various traffic management centers and facilities in Arizona and Nevada to aid in the completion of their semester long project of designing a signalized arterial.  The class visited the City of Mesa’s Traffic Management Center, the ADOT Freeway Traffic Management Center, the ADOT Traffic Signal and Sign Shop, and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.

April 2014.  The ASCE student chapter participated in the Pacific Southwest Regional Conference at San Diego State University.  Teams participated in all competitions - from Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe to the Environmental project, the Geowall design, Surveying and the Technical Paper plus other events such as bowling with a concrete bowling ball, tug-o-war, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, KanJam, basketball, and impromptu mystery events.  The NAU squad had depth in all events, leading us to a record-setting 6th place overall (and the highest place non-California team!), with specific awards in steel bridge (3rd, display; 3rd, construction economy), surveying (3rd) and concrete bowling (1st).  The steel bridge was one of only 5 teams that were not disqualified (out of 18 total schools).  NAU beat out a lot of heavily funded schools who support their teams an order of magnitude more than we are able.  Special thanks to sponsors CEMEX, USDA-FS Rocky Mountain Research Station, Agate Inc., Copper State, Schuff Steel, NAU Welding and Engineering Fab Shops, the AISC, the NAU CM Program, Norfab Steel and Eager Welding.

March 2014.  Environmental engineering Associate Professor Terry Baxter is the NAU researcher involved in a collaboration with UA and ASU to produce valuable products from algae, as well as to use the algae to treat wastewater.  Find out more information here on this project.

January 2014.  NAU CE senior Alejandra Quesada and CM senior Leondo Benally presented their research projects at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board on January 14-16, 2014 in Washington D.C.. Alejandra’s research topic is focused on “Deep Beam: Web Reinforcement” while Leondo’s research is entitled ”Rerouting Highway 89”. Their research project has been funded by the Federal Highway Administration via a NAU Dwight D. Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship. They both were recognized at the TRB Eisenhower Reception.

Ale_Leondo 2014
Leondo Benally, Dr. Jun Ho, and Alejandra Quesada

December 2013. Paul Gremillion, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, visited the International Atomic Energy laboratories in Monte Carlo, Monaco and Seibersdorf, Austria as one of two evaluators tasked with assessing the Environment Programme at the IAEA. Dr. Gremillion made a site visit to both labs in October 2013 and returned in December 2013 to provide laboratory directors with a briefing of the evaluation results. Activities in the labs include research in marine ecology and building the capacity of member countries in methods of understanding ecosystem changes through the use of nuclear techniques.

Paul G 2013 Monado
Paul at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco

 December 2013: Faculty member Craig Roberts (Associate Professor, transportation) said his "goodbyes" to teaching Fall 2012 semester.  He'll officially be retiring as of Spring 2014 and has taken on Emeritus status in the department.  We hear that his new career will involve furniture making.  CENE students and faculty wish him good luck  in his new endeavors!

Roberts pic
Craig Roberts, furniture maker

November 2013: Three NAU CE seniors (Mengxi Du, Junyi Shan, and Darius Ishaku) participated in the 2013 Arizona Pavements/Materials Conference  in Tempe, winning 2nd place in the Student Poster Competition. This event was sponsored by ADOT, ASU, local industry, and governments. All student participants were graduate students (MSs and PhDs) from ASU except for our three NAU seniors. They were received a $200 prize. Their award project was entitled “Experimental Study of Snow Melting System in Concrete Pavements in Northern Arizona”.

Du Shan Ishaku F13
Darius Ishaku, Mengxi Du and Junyi Shan

November 2013Agate Inc. CEO Jim Uhl will be hosting 10 CECMEE students (6 CENE and 4 CM) at their facility in Phoenix AZ on November 1.  The visit will include a facility tour, lunch and question/answer time with Agate engineers, construction managers and executives.  CENE students Paul Bennett Jr, Diego Frank-Arriaga, Shuai Jiang, Sierra Shultz, Hannah Williams and Shuo Zhang are attending.

October 2013:  History buff?  Industrial Advisory Board Member Chuck Dryden donated the Charlie Dryden Collection to the Cline Library.  These documents constitute a unique historical record of land ownership and public and private development in Northern AZ from 1945-2008.  Almost all are unrecorded original work.  Check out the guide to the collection to see what materials are available.

October 2013:  Bob Stanley, VP of Arizona's Professional Engineering board, presented the NCEES 2013 Engineering Award in the CENE 486C class.  See June 2013 news item for details!  Winning team mate Dan Hamill was present to receive the award for the team.

Up-and-coming EnE teammates Tristan Weir, Cheryl Dilks, Yujie Sun, Ahmed Alqallaf, Alex Winkler, Rebecca Wertz and Vivianna Gamez-Molina; with Bob Stanley, Dan Hamill and Wilbert Odem.

October 2013: CE seniors Junyi Shan and Darius Ishaku and their faculty advisor, Dr. Chun-Hsing Ho, participated in the 2013 Student Pervious Concrete Cylinder Competition sponsored by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) in Phoenix, winning 2nd place  in the Load-to-Cost Ratio category. Teams were asked to submit their mix design formula to the ACI for review, then produced pervious concrete specimens, and brought their specimens to the competition event. There were 34 teams (25 universities) from the US and South America in the competition. Junyi and Darius were recognized at the ACI Student Lunch  and will receive a $500 award.  Darius and Junyi are also schedule to present their work in November at the AZ pavements/Materials Conference in Phoenix.

Junyi Darius 2013 ACI small
Junyi Shan, Dr. Ho and Darius Ishaku

October 2013:  History buff?  Industrial Advisory Board Member Chuck Dryden donated the Charlie Dryden Collection to the Cline Library.  These documents constitute a unique historical record of land ownership and public and private development in Northern AZ from 1945-2008.  Almost all are unrecorded original work.  Check out the guide to the collection to see what materials are available.

October 2013: CENE Alumnus Recognized!  Maj. Josh Aldred, '03 BSE CE, received the 2013 Excellence in Achievement by a Recent Graduate Award by the Alumni Association.  Josh has been a practicing CE for the Air Force for 10 years, with 62 project worth $103M, is on the faculty as the US Air Force Academy and is currently pursuing a PhD in CE at UT-Austin, focusing on building energy and pollution control / lifecycle costs.  Check out his full story online.

September 2013: Assoc. Prof. Paul Gremillion visited the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna Austria to participate in the signing of an agreement between Egypt, Chad, Libya and Sudan regarding shared use of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer.  Dr. Gremillion was responsible for the drafting and negotiation of this agreement while on leave from NAU 2009-2011.  Visit the website for more information.

September 2013: NAU-CENE alumnus & supporter Shannon Clark attended the photovoltaic system celebration at the North Leupp Family Farm to accept a certificate of appreciation on behalf of EWB-NAU for our efforts with helping to make this project a success. About 50 people attended and several speakers mentioned their appreciation of our chapter's help and enthusiasm and to working together on the next 2 sites.

North Leupp Farm 2013 small
New solar array at Leupp Family Farm & supporters

September 2013: NAU civil engineering students visited Flagstaff's Killup Elementary School to work on engineering projects with a 1st grade class.  Students built paper bridges under the guidance of students in our ASCE Student Chapter.  Check out the full story at StemCity Flagstaff.

ASCE Killup F13 small
Students Alejandra Quesada, Ariel Suarez, Paul Bennett, Mariah Paz and Hannah Williams talking with Killup School 1st graders