SEP 2016.  The annual AzSCE conference took place on Friday September 9th, 2016 at the Desert Willow conference center in Phoenix. At this conference, 20 students from NAU, U of A, and ASU participated in a student research poster competition. The posters were judged by professional civil engineers attending the conference.  NAU senior civil engineering student Sabrina Ballard won the poster presentation by presenting her research poster entitled "Use of Photogrammetry to Assess the Condition of Existing Structures". This research was supervised by Dr. Robin Tuchscherer. Sabrina has an internship with Hubbard Merrell Engineering in Flagstaff; for a photo of the event see the link at Hubbard Merrell.

SEP 2016.  The new CENE 333L Water Resources 1 Lab is up and running with 5 sections this fall!  The new 1 credit lab is located in the C4P lab.  The photo shows students measuring pressure losses on the new pipe friction apparatus.  In addition to the new pipe friction apparatus, the lab includes a flume for demonstrating open channel flow around multiple obstructions, a parallel/series pump system, and a hydraulic bench.  Site visits are also planned to enhance the lab.

2016 New 333Lab
Students experimenting with pressure drop in the new CENE 333L.