Master of Science in Engineering: Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering emphases

This program will help you understand the application of your profession in the context of two of the most important issues of our time—sustainability and innovation.

With your thesis, you will be challenged to devise innovative solutions and improve upon existing methods to better our world.

Degree requirements

To earn this degree, you must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours:

  • 6 thesis credit hours in CENE 699, CS 699, EE 699, EGR 699 or ME 699
  • advanced math or statistics (3 credit hours)
  • 6 credit hours engineering core courses (EGR 501 and EGR 502)
  • electives (15 credit hours) selected with your committee's approval

Admission information

Applicants must select one primary emphasis in:

  • civil engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • computer science 

Prerequisites / Admission Requirements

1. You must have a B.S. degree in the discipline and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.  If you have a B.S. degree in a different discipline from that of your master’s application, you must complete a pre-admission course of study while earning a grade of "B" or higher in all pre-admission courses. See the prerequisite link below for this information.

2. You must take the GRE General Test unless you earned your B.S. degree from NAU or are in our Integrated Program in the discipline of your master’s application.
If you are an international applicant whose native language is not English, you must also submit TOEFL scores.

3. Your application must include a statement that includes your educational goals and top areas of interest for your study and/or research. 

4. Your application must include three letters of recommendation.  

5. You must be accepted by a faculty member who will serve as your committee chair.

Prerequisites by emphasis:

Application deadlines 

The application deadlines are:  

  • March 1 for fall semester admission
  • September 15 for spring semester admission

Financial support 

Teaching and research assistantships are available for qualified students.

The university will provide full graduate tuition remission for approved graduate assistants.