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    Karin Wadsack

    Madison, WI


    Karin Wadsack directs the Arizona Wind for Schools project and manages a number of ISES research projects and administration. Her interests include utility-scale renewable energy grid integration, energy education, and state and federal energy policy. She is also project director for NAU’s Tribal Clean Energy Resource Center. Outside the University, Karin serves as a senior scientist and project manager at EN3 Professionals, an engineering firm in Flagstaff. She also chairs the energy project team for the regional Sustainable Economic Development Initiative and is a Water Commissioner for the City of Flagstaff. In her free time she enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and camping with her dogs.

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    Marilla Lamb

    Oley, PA

    B.S. Environmental Engineering, 2011

    For the past three years, Marilla has been working with environmental education programs including Wind for Schools and the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals. With these programs, Marilla has worked with over 1000 K-12 students and over 100 teachers in Arizona, leading discussions and activities about wind energy. With Wind for Schools, Marilla has also helped to have 9 wind turbines installed in Arizona, and is now leading a project to design and build a bicycle-powered charging station for the NAU campus. In June 2012, Marilla started working for a wind turbine and solar installer, where she helps with system sizing and design, creating site plans and electrical diagrams, obtaining permits, and assisting with installations in the field. Marilla also uses her environmental engineering degree directly, at an environmental engineering firm where she works as a project engineer, specializing in energy and environmental engineering projects.