Science Kits

Kits with Graphics

These curricular kits are great to use as a resource when you design your own lesson plans.  

BSCS (Biological Sciences Curriculum Study) Science Tracks 

Connecting Science and Literacy is a comprehensive, modular, kit-based elementary school science program that includes a full-year of instruction at each grade level, K-5. Learn more. 

FOSS (Full Option Science System)

FOSS is a research-based science curriculum for grades K–8 developed at the University of California, Berkeley. The CSTL provides FOSS workshops, hosts nationally advertised professional development events for educators, and recruits classroom teachers to pilot FOSS modules.

The CSTL maintains a collection of the entire K-8 FOSS program and uses these curriculum resources in professional development sessions, undergraduate science methods courses, and in graduate in-service programs. Learn more. 

GEMS (Greater Explorations in Mathematics and Science)

GEMS is an inquiry-based science and mathematics supplemental curriculum resource developed at the University of California, Berkeley. The CSTL is a National GEMS Network Site directed by Joëlle Clark. The CSTL has a complete set of GEMS teacher guides and offers GEMS professional development. Learn more. 


An Inquiry-Based Elementary School Science Curriculum is a K-6 curriculum designed to meet the needs of all children in grades K-6 while specifically addressing urban students. Learn more. 

SEPUP (Science Education for Public Understanding Program)

SEPUP is an issues-oriented science curriculum developed for grades 6-12 at the University of California, Berkeley. The CSTL assists SEPUP developers by hosting professional development events for educators and recruits classroom teachers to pilot SEPUP materials. The CSTL houses components of the SEPUP program within our materials resource center. Learn more. 

STC/MS (Science and Technology Concepts for Middle Schools)

STC/MS™ is an inquiry-based middle school science curriculum developed by the National Science Resources Center. This student/teacher site supplements the STC/MS™ curriculum and can be used as a research guide for students. Learn more.