Check-out policy

Who can check out CSTL materials?

      University faculty can check out:
      • kits
      • curricula
      • multi-media resources
      • miscellaneous science supplies (bin materials)
        University students enrolled in teacher preparation classes can check out:
      • curricula
      • books and bin supplies (room 104 ONLY)
         Classroom teachers participating in special projects funded by the CSTL can check out:
      • curricula
      • books and bin supplies (room 104 ONLY)

    How do I check out materials?

    To check out materials, you must be enrolled as a CSTL library patron. To enroll as a library patron, visit room 105 of the chemistry building (#20) and complete a library patron form.

    Miscellaneous materials (bin items) may be checked out without being a library patron. These items are tracked manually.

    How long may I check out materials?

    Faculty and staff may check out materials for 90 days and science kits for one day. Please note that CSTL staff may require up to a week from the time of your request to prepare kits, so plan ahead. Students or teachers may check out materials for 7 days.

    Staff members may check out items themselves using the Follett system or may leave a note with the barcode number for the materials manager to check out for them.

    How do I reserve materials?

    To reserve materials, visit room 105 of the Chemistry Building (#20) or request a hold through WebCollection Plus. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail of your request and the time when the materials will be available. At that time, you will be able to check-out your material in room 104 of the chemistry building (#20) during regular business hours.