What is the Commission on Ethnic Diversity?

The Commission on Ethnic Diversity (CED), originally named the Presidential Ambassadors for Cultural Diversity, was appointed by President Hughes in 1989.  Now known as the Commission on Ethnic Diversity, our University-wide committee draws in knowledge of members committed to a multicultural diverse educational environment.  We work to increase ethnic diversity among our student population, faculty, staff, and administration and to develop strategies to diversify the curriculum. Through unity and diversity can our campus create a better learning and working environment where we all share and learn from one another.


Co-chairs (2015-2016 academic year)

Gerald Wood 
(928) 523-6309

Valeria Chase
Coordinator, Inclusion and Multicultural Services
(928) 523-6973

Executive Board Members

  1. Sharon S. Doctor, Assistant Director, Native American Student Services
  2. Deborah Harris, Associate Dean, Office of Student Life
  3. Melissa Welker, Director, Student Learning Centers
  4. Gerald Wood, Assistant Professor, College of Education
  5. Vacant - faculty member
  6. Vacant - Faculty member
  7. Vacant - faculty member
  8. Vacant - staff member
  9. Vacant - staff member
  10. Vacant - staff member