Rebecca Rinsema

Rebecca Rinsema Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
General Studies
Blg 37 Rm #227
Phone: 928-523-3936

PhD Music Education, University of South Florida

Rebecca Rinsema joined the NAU faculty in the fall of 2013 as Lecturer of General Music Studies. She teaches hybrid general music courses such as the History of Rock and Understanding Music. Prior to joining the NAU faculty, Rebecca taught general music courses, music education courses, and applied voice at the University of South Florida and Cornell University.

Dr. Rinsema received a masters degree in vocal pedagogy and performance from Northeastern Illinois University in 2007 and a PhD from the University of South Florida in 2012. Her main research interests reside at the intersection of music listening experiences, music-related technologies, and general music pedagogies. Specifically, she is interested in the sociological, psychological and historical implications of music listening technologies on music listening experiences and what those implications might mean for general music pedagogy. She has presented her research at a variety of academic conferences across the US and Canada, among them: the International Symposium on the Philosophy of Music Education (2013), Symposium on the History of Music Education (2011), Suncoast Music Education Conference (2011, 2013) and the Symposium on Music Teacher Education (2011). She also has a general interest in the history and cultural study of popular music.

Dr. Rinsema remains active as a singer, specializing in early music performance. During the 2012-2013 season, she performed and recorded works by Josquin, Guerrero, and Palestrina with the eight-voice professional vocal ensemble Florida Pro Music, directed by Larry Kent, DMA.